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Sedan deliveries while unique are not for everyone. They are extremely hard to see out of from the side. Most owners install mirrors and use them as you would driving today’s van. I especially had a difficult time backing out of a parallel parking spot. If you have a passenger, no problem, have them watch or guide you out of the space. If you can live with this problem then you will like the delivery for its comfort and room.

My friend, George, is building a chassis for his delivery and sent me some pictures. He is using an S-10 T5 that has been modified to have the correct gear ratios and speedo adapter required for his installation. George is a craftsman and always takes a unique approach. Follow along with the pictures below.

Jerry Johnson reminded me that George’s delivery did not have the rear drip rail installed. He has it but when the pictures were taken it had not been installed. The real ones had this much needed drip molding. I have seen them screwed and spot welded in the roof section.

From the model A’s to 1948, Ford made some really neat deliveries. In the beginning, they were simply tudor bodies converted with a back door and fabric tops. In 1935 the bodies were produced to be a delivery rather than a tudor. Ford introduced the stamped steel one piece top in 1937 and continued through 1948. Early models had a wood cargo floor only, while 1946-48 had a sedan steel floor with a wood top cover. The 46-48 has a lot of room and many builders put a compartment under the floor as the steel pan protects the cargo.

Attention 40-41 Ford delivery owners. The very hard to locate rear taillight brackets, both right and left hand are now available in bronze from Wescott for $150 each.

Here are some photos.

Stay Tooned!



T5 placed into stock Deuce frame. Center crossmember must be cut. George has lots of frames and crossmembers.


Second K member was added to accept T5. Note neat modifications.


Bare frame showing crossmember modifications. Nice work.


Rear shot of crossmembers. George used parts from the front one and welded it to the back one he had in stock.


George likes his steering to be strong so he reinforced the steering area with 1/4 inch plate.


A 1956 Ford F100 steering box was modified to fit in the frame. George made a new flange and welded it to the box. Excellent welding is required.


Perfect fit with the flathead and Fenton headers. Remember those!


Jim Hendricks craftsmanship. The old floor was removed and a new metal floor was installed. New wood flooring will be laid over the top.


Impossible to locate George copied an original latch from Tom’s delivery. Hours required to duplicate.


Here is the inside of a 41 delivery of Pete’s Note wood bracing and undercoating.


Very nicely restored 40 delivery showing rear floor and spare tire area. Deuces did not have a spare tire carrier. Fender mounts were available but most people carried the spare in the back storage area.



Don’s very nice black delivery which I believe was a real one found in Los Angeles. Cover of Street Rod Builder.


Floor area detailed to the max. Note upholstery rather than masonite sides.


Floor area from the back. Nicely done wood and black leather.

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