Friday’s Feature

Still raining and I mean hard. I spent most of the morning at the coffee shop, (sounds better than the donut shop), talking about the price of paint jobs. The average paint job quoted seemed to be in the $15 $20K range for a decent job. Body work extra, of course. The conversation started with a quote from a well know hot rod shop of $40K for a hiboy. Now I know paint supplies are high but it seems the cost is just prohibitive today for the average rodder. I suspect that is why Krylon, DP 90 or John Deere Blitz black is so popular with do – it – yourself rodders. I think somewhere in the future with the cost of goods and services rising and the wages diminishing, someone will have to adjust their thinking. Hot rodders will always be innovative when it comes to building their cars so be prepared for anything in the next few months. Street Rodder has been running an article on painting your own car with Summit paint for $300. I am not sure everyone can paint, but for $40,000 they can sure try and screw up a few times.

The conversation moved on to upholstery which is another area that has moved to the $12 -$15 range for a hiboy…without a top. Several people have highboys and have paid the bucks in recent months for a quality job. The answer for the poor is a new Mexican blanket from the Long Beach Swap meet….$12.00…get two they are cheap. We could have the upholstery fellow sew them together for $10,000 and save money.

My point is… the cost of restoration of any car, original or reproduction, glass or steel has far exceeded the value of the finished product. The answer is to purchase a finished car for a fraction of what it cost to build one. If you must build one or just enjoy the process like I do, be happy with an unfinished car that runs and drives. Look around, they are everywhere and growing in great numbers.

Tomorrow is the big Nick Alexander’s Woody show and swap meet in Huntington Park. Rain is forecast but I am sure people are there sleeping in their cars right now. Here are some photos from last year, in case in rains.

Stay Tooned!


Have a great weekend and get out in the garage.


Nick’s Ford showroom is worth the trip. This is just like an old factory right down to the bathrooms with the troughs and brass foot operated hand washers.


There will be a lot of overpriced 32 Ford parts. Brake pedal assemblies now bring over $400 from some vendors.


Overpriced Woody projects are abundant. This 37 was a deal compared to what Gary started with.


Dave will be there in his $300 Deuce, yes he has owned it that long.


I will drool over the sedan Hiboy again this year.


If it is not raining, Bob has several Woodies to choose from but will probably take the 47. It has a heater for Sandy.



My date will pose by my 40 coupe. She is kind of cute…don’t you think.

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