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I was searching the web last night and came across this wonderful 32 3 window coupe on the Jalopy Journal. I have been following the build for the past year and was surprised to see it in its final form. You should read the article on JJ and view all the pictures. I have owned five 1932 3 windows in my career, all of them special. This one reminds me of one of my early coupes. Mine was not this nice but had a similar profile. As you know I am not a big fender fan so when I see a nice Hiboy my heart beats an extra beat.

The weekend is free of car shows for me so I will get caught up on the 32 chassis build. I plan to make the remaining boxing plates and tack them on the rails. I have a jig so it is an easy job but time consuming.

Enjoy the weekend. I am going to the Long Beach Swap Meet on Sunday to see if there are any deals.

Stay Tooned!



Perfect 32 3 window Hiboy from NH. This one really captured the look. Rare items, like a 25 louver hood, single pull hood latches, Columbia, and many other items add to the look. See JJ


Front profile showing Winter front grille and stance. WOW!


Note photography and setting. I used to live in New England and it is second to none for beauty in the fall.


Perfect engine for this car. Flathead with all the right components.


A nice little 3 window from this years GNRS. Be sure to plan to attend this year as they are going to build on stage a 33/34 roadster. I hear Chuck Lombardo is going to be on stage. He may need help.


I would like to have one of these no change rear housings. They look good and are real quiet.



Still one of my favorite new builds…SO-CAL’s Lombard Blue Hiboy. I got to sit in this one and it has a really nice interior.


Another look at the best in recent years to me. The top is perfect.

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