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The hardest thing about Halloween is not eating the candy before the kids show up. My wife does a good job of hiding the candy until about 6:00 pm so I will be healthy tomorrow. I live in a gated community, but we still get a lot of trick or treaters. I always look forward to seeing the little ones as they remind me of my kids. Things are usually quiet, but I still put the lights on and park the cars up close to the house. Just to be safe.

My friend Tom from Oregon purchased a very nice little 39 Ford convert to match his 39 Woody. I have some pictures to show you. He knows I like sedan deliveries so also sent along some photos of a Packard delivery. I had never seen one before.

Have a great weekend. I am going to Hollywood Hot Rods open house on Sunday. Great young builder in Burbank. Pictures on Monday.

Stay Tooned!



Here is Tom’s new 39 Convert he picked up while back in Hershey. Tom likes his converts.


Side profile shows why I prefer 39’s over 40’s. Nice lines, but only 1 seat. Tom said the cars needs paint. Not in today’s world…leave it alone.


Tom likes flatheads and this one has a full house 51 Ford with a Mercury crank.


Tom has a matching 39 Woody if he needs a back seat, of course the convertible has a rumble seat for his grandchild. Both cars are flathead powered.


His friend, Jerry from Seattle has a nice 36 3 window for sale if your interested. Not completed but close. Price is $35K


New Deuce Hiboy at the Phoenix Deuce Doings. Bare metal and super workmanship. I like the top. Garth Bowie the builder.


Stainless Steel version of a 36 Ford made by Allegheny Lundlum Steel. This is one of 4 that were produced to highlight the companies capabilities. The rumor is that the dies were destroyed due to the use of stainless steel.


Friday always has some tech data incorporated into the blog. Ionia Hot Rod Shop is building their version of a traditional chassis.
I am not into these type of chassis’s but the amount of work for the builder and the painter is obvioux. Frame is currently on ebay for $4250. Not a bad price for all the work involved.


Packard sedan delivery. Have you ever seen one? I haven’t but would like to see this one finished.


Rear view showing door and length of body. Should be nice when completed.



Don’s very nice 32 sedan hiboy. I saw this car in person at the Deuce 75th Anniversary Show held in the Petersen Museum. Very high quality build as are all of Don’s Deuces. Boyd built him a Woody and a Tudor sedan in the 80’s.

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