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The weekend is here for retired folks. I used to work almost every Saturday in the car business so now that I am retired I start my weekend on Fridays. I have been working on the motor for the roadster and while not finished it is pretty close to being ready to slide in the chassis. I have also been looking at some more sedan delivery cars that have become available. I thought I had “the one” purchased but he now is not sure he wants to sell it. I sure enjoy the hunt for these old cars.

I suppose all the good deals have been had at Hershey so I am sure I will hear about those on Monday. I am off today to see an old friend, so I better get going.

Tip for the day. “Spend your money before someone takes it away from you.” Think about it!

Have a good weekend.

Stay Tooned!



Perfect 40 coupe stance. Tim’s sons 40 is very similar only not quite so low. Why do we like these classics…obvious.


I remember this car from Boyds back in the 80’s. I am not sure if Boyd built it but is has the 80’s look with hidden hinges, 3 piece hood and filled roof. Currently for sale on Hot Rod Hot Line. Buy it, put the hinges back on, put a fabric cover and tack strip over the top, add 32 door handles and presto resto rod look.


This is me. Barn find, Hiboy project, never finish it but talk a lot at coffee over the plans. Now your bench racing.


Super looking 5 window currently on ebay for only $85K. I don’t think these people live in the U.S. or watch television. Seriously, this appears to be a very nice car with all the period correct stuff except the price.


Lunch bunch John’s 28 roadster with nailhead, QC and dirt track tires. Now this the current rage. John wants a tub like he used to have in the early days of So-Cal.


My 33 hood ready to prime this weekend. These are very hard to find in this shape.



John’s Potvin roadster rear view of one of my favorite cars. Model A spring, 40 wishbones, bias Firestone’s, etc. Walt should have kept this one.


The car has a real Auburn panel and gauges. Gabe’s interior is a little modern but nice. This car will always be in style in my mind.

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