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We have been blessed with temperatures in the 90’s which puts me in the roadster/phaeton mood. I know — I have ventured back to my roots and my love of the Deuce roadster and phaetons. I have owned several of each over the years and moved on to something more comfortable in my old age but as they say, ” you never forget your first love”— so true. I am sure we will take the love affair to our graves and that is O.K. by me.

The roadster is by far the most popular of the Deuces and probably needs to be put on birth control pills due to the market saturation of the Iconic Deuce roadster. The phaeton, which had a limited production and following over the years, seems to have come back recently as something a little different but still accepted as a Hot Rod at the Deuce Doings and Days held across the country. I receive photos from my readers daily of their Deuce projects and always try to include them in my blog. While I don’t own a Deuce and probably never will at my age, I still enjoy looking at them and seeing the builder/owner’s expression in the final product.

In conclusion, the market value of the Deuce has definitely come down over the past few years but a very nicely built Deuce — repo or original has lost the least of the of any. The FG cars have lost the most. You know my feelings about the value of Hot Rods they are not stocks and bonds you hope will increase in value. They are personal desires that we cherish with our hearts not our bank accounts.

Have a great weekend!

Stay Tooned!


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Deuce Phaetons are going together in garages all across America. Note the Nailhead engine.


Looks like the Tub will be on the road next summer in WI.


A neighbor in the adjoining state MN, also has a nice completed Phaeton on the road.


A fully restored Phaeton has a Regal look when done in black.


Paul built one of the nicest Phaeton in recent years with his AMBR contender.


Aussie’s like their tubs as hiboys.


Ready to race is this classy hiboy Tub.


No, this is not the new Brookville phaeton but an old FG version using the rear portion of the Vicky.


One of my old truck customers owns this tudor tub with a different look.


A high end steel tub with a flathead and full independent suspension has a great look.


Certainly a 50’s looking Tub!


Roy turns these out daily in his shop. Each one a little different but always very detailed and drivable.


Michael had Roy build him a beautiful roadster with all the goodies.


If you want to save time and a bunch of money purchase one of the several hundred for sale in the internet.


The classic roadster with wire wheels and bones certainly will always be popular with the older generation.


Here is another current look for the Deuce roadster with the laid back windshield.


This is a popular scene across America where Deuce roadsters are born in the garage.


Sinister is what I call these all black roadsters. The Lobeck tire and wheel combo still is my favorite.


Another version came out of his home garage.


Dan captured this classic Deuce and I fell in love with the look of the early roadsters. This one you can build in your garage on a budget.

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