Friday’s Feature

Our planned trip to Solvang had to be postponed but the central coast “Roadster Boys” went on their planned trip to some scenic spots on the coast. Small groups of roadsters traveling together really makes for a nice day trip. I hope to reschedule our trip as soon as our group heals up. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy our woody trips to the beach. Wavecrest is the largest gathering of Woodies in the US with over 250 woodies in one place overlooking the beach and Pacific ocean. We are spending the weekend with Curvy and are looking to have a great time with our friends and other Woody lovers.

Jane and I stopped by my friend Chip to see a motor he has for sale. He installed the 327/350 motor in 1974 and it still sounds great. He is replacing the motor with a new much modified roller motor that looks stock. He is a master. I hope to go through the motor and freshen it up for Andre. As soon as the weather goes below 100 I will start on the process. I love the 327 with the 151 cam and hydraulic lifters. It has a Comp 282 solid lifter cam now and I am not sure I like the sound of the lifters although I loved that sound when I was young. I will post my progress on the motor rebuild.

The Outriders Picnic is Sunday and I always find lots of cars that I like to photograph and should have some new ones on Monday.

Have a great weekend and stay cool.

Stay Tooned!


Here are the Roadster Boys lined up for their day trip. Steve is in the flamed sedan and is wishing he had a roadster for a day like today. Mike’s tub looks cool with the chopped top and low stance.

Yes, we Westerners love the ocean and the coast line. Steve has room for the large refreshment cooler required on these trips.

You never know who you will see surfing the waves.

I think the Maize Yellow is the best choice on the fat coverts. If you don’t like red wheels then paint them yellow.

Some folks think a black 40 convert is the only way to go. Note the old Carson top 40 in the background.

A black fat girl is not bad either and you can paint the wheels about any color you want on a black car. I like these cars with the top down or “topless”.

I am one of the few that like the 46-48 dash boards. This one has an F100 column with the automatic indicator on the column. Note correct heater and stock upholstery pattern. The red gauges are the super deluxe models for 1946.

If you want to talk pricey then look no further than this Brizio built hiboy that was sale at P-Town. It was perfect but required you to sell your house and borrow some money to own. I hear these cars run over $200K to build.

Moal had this very nice 51 shoebox in his display. I saw several nice shoeboxes this year.

Today’s Deuces!

If you love Deuces then you could have spent all day Saturday looking at some of the best on the West coast.

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