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The heat has definitely slowed down the pace at Pewsplace. I try to stay cool and do the welding in the morning and by noon I am done for the day. We have a few more days of this 100 degree weather scheduled so I am staying close to the pool. My friend Bob-O is leaving for Bonneville tomorrow and has been getting his 5 window ready for the road. We discussed leaving at night in order to avoid the hot days going through the desert but he would rather travel through the day in case of a problem. It is lonely at midnight in the desert with the closest gas station 1o0 miles away.

Preventive maintenance is a good practice that all of us should do prior to the long trips that we take. Bob-O found his flex bushings were wore out and needed replacing. He also repacked the front wheel bearings and checked all the nuts and bolts on the undercarriage. Changing fluids is a must even in the transmission if it has been a while since your last inspection. He still runs bias tires and have them speed balanced to make sure the ride was as smooth as possible. The A/C condition was also checked and a leak was found under the dash. After a couple of weeks of checking the car he is now packed and ready to go. The little Deuce coupe sure looks good but has very little room for any extra baggage for the two of them. I suggested a nice 40 tudor sedan with A/C and a MII and he almost agreed with me. I am sure he will provide me with lots of photos of his trip. I wish him and his son all the best.

I am planning a quiet weekend with no car activities scheduled except the normal trip to the “Office”.

Have a good one!

Stay Tooned!


Bob-O loves his coupe and this photo shows the classic profile that one can’t deny screams “Hot Rod”.

I think he would be more comfortable but not as “cool” in this CMG sedan. Loads of room and a smooth ride with a dropped axle if you must.

If you want to be cooler with the top down then how about a nice 40 rag. This is one nice convert and could be yours for $145K. Step up or step back.

I know he would have more room in a sedan that also screams “Hot Rod” in a different light. This is my latest sedan I should have. See the HAMB for a complete build by Steadfast Mfg.

A standard 40 woody would also provide lots of room and the salt would not harm the wood but might clean the varnish real good.

I know these fat boys really have the room and ride when making the long haul. I sure miss Ruby 1 form a few years ago.

A classic, which Bob-O just sold, makes a nice reacher also. Plain and black is good on a 40 coupe.

Bob-O loves whitewall tires so this little coupe would make him a good daily driver to the “Office”.

Tim is so busy building customer’s cars that he only had time to add whitewall tires to his current ride. I like the look on the CMG coupe.

In case you have forgotten about the size and amenities in a 40 sedan have a look at this one. Some new and some old make this one sweet ride.

 Today’s Choice for Bonneville in the morning.

I am still in love with the sedan delivery for the long hauls and this one is perfect. I could carry Bob-O’s baggage and all of the wives stuff. Maybe next year Andre and I will make the trek.

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