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The day flew by and I am just now getting to my computer. I have spent the entire day working on Andre’s chassis. It seems that installing the components with the new fasteners is taking longer than I remember from Lucy. Powder coating adds a lot of paint to each hole and they have to be reamed in order to install the bolts. I don’t know why nothing fits like it did when you took it apart but I have a real problem with the rear springs and the non-shackle end. The bolt would not line up even after I reamed the hole. I ended up removing the rear shackle and twisted the spring into place. I will check it again tomorrow as I grew tired by the evening.

I did spend the early part of the day (when it is cooler) and waxed Ruby for the Road Kings Show on Sunday at Johnny Carson Park. I like this show and plan to spend most of the day there. I love to park on the hill so I don’t get blocked in all day. The Early Times show is also this Sunday in Compton. The week preceding the LARS is always packed with car shows. For those of you in town for the “Big One,” don’t forget Forty Ford Day is the following Sunday at LaPalma Park. June is a great time for me.

See you soon!

Stay Tooned!


Steve sent along a great photo that should bring back memories of your youth. Note the A-frame  and the youngsters looking on at the project. Priceless!

I am loving the full rendered Deuce sedans this year. It could be yours for just under a $100K

Lou’s buddy was taking on the Deuce in his Crosley powered early rail. I am not sure who won but I am sure they had a fun day racing.

When you visit the NHRA Museum you must go inside and see the race cars. Chrisman had two of his early rides on display.

Here is his real success early attempt. The flathead fits nice between the rails. I am happy to see these cars restored to their glory days.

One of the nicest 39 coupes around and this old timer has been in the family for many years. Steve you need to paint your history coupe purple.

High School Mercury should be the name of this mild custom. Stance was achieved like we did in the old days…hot wrench and blocks.

Dean Moon’s 34 roadster roamed the streets of SO-CAL for many years in this shape. The front fenders were swept back for some reason.

A rare 42 Ford convert was ready for paint and was really on the ground. Fat Jack must have lowered this one.

The show later in the evening featured a “Wild Thing” with a full blown Hemi complete with flames shooting out to the exhaust.

Today’s Favorite!

You can drive right in the gates of the LARS with this beauty. The 36 Ford roadster makes a great looking hot rod.

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  1. Hi Lynn, The first photo of the 8 guys master minding this engine swap with the 2 young kids watching is priceless. This strikes a cord whether you are one of the 8 or one of the 2. When I was one of the 2 we would go over to Bob Bonsie’s and watch him and his buddies work on a 39 Merc rag top. They would pick on us but we would put up with it just to be a part of the action. This is were I learned of a fuel block, 1 in 3 out with clear red fuel line. When I got older (11) I got the model of the big T. Revell I think was the mfg. It had the 1 in 3 out fuel block for the 3 deuces on the plastic small block. Ahh! the beginning of my small block awareness. Your picture brings back so many memories. Thanks for doing what you do! Gar

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