Friday’s Feature

I have been frustrated by my inability to repair my welder and decided that today, I would focus soley on the repair. The wife wanted to go to LA so we headed out and stopped at the Pump store in LA. From the neighborhood and site of the building, I figured I would just drive on by but the wife said go in and take the pump with you. I was presently surprised to find a very well equipped distributor offering sales, service and parts. They fixed me up within 20 minutes and we were back on the road. If you ever need any pump information please give them a call. The company is Haskell and Hoggan on Sante Fe Ave in LA.

Andre’s parts arrived from the powder coater and the unloading went very smoothly. Jose is a great helper when it comes to unloading the heavy frames. We had the frame in the garage within ten minutes. I am very happy with the final finish of all the parts. As with all powder coating, the good metal comes out great and the pitted areas are not quite as good. The pitted areas on my frame are all hidden by the body so when looking underneath √ā¬†everything looks bright and shiny black. Adjax’s have been doing frames for over 30 years so they know what they are doing.

I spent the rest of the day putting the welder pump back together and getting the parts ready to install on the chassis. I still need to obtain some new stainless button head bolts for the assembly. I will head over to DMP this morning and obtain what I need. Andre is happy with his new coat.

Have a great weekend.

Stay Tooned!


Here are the new parts for the water pump. The shafts wear over time (30years) and the seals start leaking.

Here is the freshly coated chassis back from Ajax’s. I selected the high gloss like I had on Lucy. It just looks good to me.

The sides of the frame do not show but they are in good shape with minimal pitting. The center top rails were the worst and I replaced those with new metal. It is just a frame…right!

I had all the bolt on items coated also. New metal comes out very nice with a little orange peel.

The bones were also coated and came out really nice. Now for the front axle and rear end hosing. I am finishing making them ready for coating this week.

Lucy’s all black chassis and body parts certainly is the look I admire. The frame was a little pitted on this one also. You can bondo over the pc and then spot paint it.

If you want a pure hot rod this is it. All you need is $32K and it could be yours. See ebay.

Dave thought this might be the car I was asking about the other day. No, but it is a very nice one that is from AZ.

This very nice 34 chassis is from Bruce’s Rod Shop in TX. The black and contrasting colors make it a stand out without the body mounted. Note strut rods for rear axle.

Friday’s Dream!

A high school hot rod is sitting in the garage waiting for a run with the cutie at Lakeside drive in. The Dodge Lancers came from Midnight auto.

All the ladies loved the pleated and rolled interior. No dice, but they were in the glovebox.


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