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I have spent the entire morning working on the rear axle for Andre.  I picked up the U-bolts and attempted to install them but found they were for a 3 1/4″ housing not a 3″.  A phone call to Frantic confirmed the fact they won’t work properly and will not fit in the lower plate.  I returned them and ordered another set which should be here by tomorrow. Since I could not install the housing, I decided to remove the axle pads and install new ones in the proper location.  I don’t like holding a grinder out in front of me but I was able to cut the brackets off neatly and the grinding operation was limited to an hour.  I now have everything in the correct position and driveline angle adjusted properly without shims.  Sometimes you just need to redo your previous work and make it right.  Remember, anything worth doing is worth doing twice.

The talk at the “Office” this morning was about Nick Alexander’s swap meet this Sunday.  Some of our gang our going to see what old Fords parts are still hanging out at Nicks.  In the past, this was one of the best swap/shows around but I don’t know how it will be without all the Woodies and BBQ from Greenacres.  Jane and I are going to take Ruby to the Malibu Woody parade so I am not attending the swap meet at Nick’s.

Christmas is a special time.  I hope you all take time to enjoy the holidays and spend some time with the family and friends.

Stay Tooned!


Nick had one of every year.  The 39 standard makes a nice woody and not very common.

Steve and I had a discussion about this wonderful 40 standard sedan that is now on the block.  I believe this came from the Benny Bootle collection years ago and is pristine in every area you want to look.  The price is staggering but someone will have to have this one in their collection.  See HotRodHotLine for details.  One of the best there is.


Another fine example of a Deuce sedan hiboy with a different approach to styling.  I believe he has changed the style again but I have not seen the car in a few years.  I shot this photo at the LARS a few years ago when I was hot for a sedan hiboy.

As you know 5 windows are now my favorite hot rod.  This one showed up on the HAMB the other day and is a first class ride.  See Nude Deuce.

This is Gabe’s other 39 convertible sedan.  I featured his other one last week which is also maroon.


Bob built this 29 a few years ago and it was just too much hot rod for him.  Warren now has it back and has made it even nicer.  Bob O owned this one for a long time while he was an LA Roadster member.  The dash is the real thing.

Bob O like the T&R in his rides.  The glide seat is very comfortable and adjustable for guys like me.

I like simple interiors and this Glide seat looks great in the woody.  Andre would like this design in his interior.

Red 3 windows were the rage in the 80’s and have been coming back lately.  A true classic in the hot rod world but has been running second to the 5 window in recent years.

Today’s Truck…dreaming!

Frantic and Don put this one together a few years ago.  Bob is thinking his may look good in black when he gets around to the build.  Don also owns a super 37 sedan delivery that Frantic built for him.

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  1. Lynn,
    Can you tell me where you saw the 5 window on the HAMB, it is being built by Doug, at Squeeg’s down the road from me.
    Also Dale Matthews (Matthews Memory Lane Motors in Portland , Ore. has a four door 39 convert for sale, How many does Gabe (the interior man?) have. Does he need another? Its Maroon


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