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I worked on Ruby last night and installed the new starter but have not tried to start her as I am adding a new ground cable from the rear to the front engine block per Ron Francis suggestion.  I also had time to visit Bob and see the final fitting of the coupe body with the hood and fenders.  As you forty Ford guys know, fitting the hood will turn your night into a 12 pack real quickly.  Surprisingly, Bob installed the hood and it fit perfect the first time.  Tim starts with the hood and then installs the fenders but we did the opposite and got real lucky.  For those of you who have called the car has several interested parties but no buyers so far.  I don’t think it will last the weekend now that it is all together with all the parts.  If not sold I will place the car on Fordbarn and Jalopy Journal on Monday.

The Jerry Dixie Tour stops at HHR’s on Sunday if you are interested.  HHR does some amazing work in their shop and Troy and his staff have always been very hospitable to us when we stopped by.  The Long Beach Motorama is in full swing and juging by the photos on the HAMB some really neat cars are being shown.  The weekend is full of car activities and hopefully I can take some photos to share with you on Monday.

Have a great fall weekend and take the wife out for a ride in the hot rod.

Stay Tooned!


Bob has installed the primo dash and correct seat making the car look much better. The car would need to be wired to run.

Note the nice fit of the hood.  Both sides are in perfect alignment.  This is the hood from his sedan.  Bob took some lacquer thinner and rubbed off the black paint to find the original CMG color.  This is the old Crankshaft Co. coupe from the 50’s.

I always love to lift the trunk of a 40 and find all the missing pieces.  Bob loaded them all in the trunk for the new owner to restore and install.

Bob has another fresh “Barn Find” in his collection.  Don’t let the exterior fool you as the car is a very complete and solid CA/NM car that runs and drives like a new 46. New brakes, radiator and all unique convertible parts are as Henry built them.  Give Bob a call at 626-791-0707

The same location a few years ago Bob had this beauty for sale.  Tom built this one and moved on to a Woody.

I am a big fan of these cars and have owned several.  If you want a comfortable ride look for a convertible to put in your garage.

I have shown this one before but everytime I become frustrated I need to look at the photo.  Perfect lines in my opinion.  Westcott body, TCI chassis and QC rear. Perfect in red oxide.

Gary used to keep his garage door open so he could see this 33 roadster waiting for someone to take her for a drive.  Tom does that now and is having fun.

Driveway shots are some of my favorites and Henry’s sedan is tops in my book.

The wife likes these Glide seats in 40’s as she likes the fold down armrest for long distances.  I may have a 40 seat for sale.

Here is another one in a coupe.  I think Gabe did this one.

Bob O and I prefer this style but we are still 50 years behind the scene and trying hard to stay there.

Today’s 4o coupe….dreaming!

This is the end of a perfect day.  Leaving for home or just arriving home with a dream that just came true.  Keep looking and you will find your dream soon!

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