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As we go through life, we are faced with opportunities and challenges on a daily basis.  Most of the time we handle the situation in a quick manner and move on to the next situation facing us.  I have always possessed a good mind for meeting challenges and a weak mind for analyzing opportunities.  I have long been a proponent of following your instincts when looking at a good opportunity and making the decision based on some type of logic.  I have finally decided that any opportunity that comes my way in the balance of my life I will pursue with eager.  I know you are thinking… he has found another “good deal” on a Hot Rod.  Not really, but I have stumbled across a Deuce sedan that can be driven to the 80th anniversary next year and maybe on the Brizio tour back to Indy.  My friend Steve has the same desire on his “Bucket List” and maybe we could go together.  The opportunity will be around for about 60 days and then will be gone forever.  My immediate instinct is that I could never ride that far in a car and I should pass, but my mindset now is to go for it and work out the details later.  Time has away of healing most problems except old age so now is the time to make it happen.

Have a great weekend and…

Stay Tooned!


How about a CMG 39 woody to take to Wavecrest next weekend?  This one is fresh and very nice.

Stance is everything on a Woody and this one sits perfect.  Is this an opportunity at $139K?  You be the judge.

If you locate your dream 40 and the firewall is full of holes dont’t pass it up.  Here is the easy fix without painting the whole car. One week will fix your challenges.

The standard interior with the Briarwood brown dash, steering column and woodgrained window moldings is the way to go for the mild hot rod look.  LeBaron Bonney can fix you up for under $4K.  They can even supply you with the Model A square weave carpet.  Buy that sedan that needs an interior and make the call.

Dan always has the nice 40 Fords and this blue pickup is one of his best.  He has it on the market for you pickup lovers.  Here is another opportunity or is it?…$40K

Someone ask how large are the 3/8 bender handles.  They measure about 14 inches and make it easy to bend the 3/8 tubing.

Here is the final fuel line minus the last bend to the carb.  Looks factory and I like it.

A classic 5 window that was an opportunity for Bob that paid off in many ways.  CA car with some San Diego history.

I know they are not for everyone but I sure like the flathead in a car this pure.  This one went down the road very nicely with 3:54 gears and a hot flatty.

Just right in my mind!  $55K.  Maybe Apple Green wheels would look better.

Do you suppose this is in the USC parking lot with Bob and Doane showing off their prizes?  USC used to be a football giant.

Today’s Opportunity….dreaming!

This is not the one but you get the idea of the look…including the fenders… which is not me but I would leave them on for the trip.

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