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Woody events are really lots of fun and laid back.  The Santa Barbara show is held at the college and overlooks the Pacific Ocean from a high bluff.  The wife likes to walk on the beach so she heads down the path to get her feet wet.  I love looking at the woodies and talking to the owners of these special cars.  I think most people really enjoy seeing them going down the highway and most will wave and give you a thumbs up.  California is full of woodies especially along the coastal areas so they are a common sight on the weekends. We are meeting Walt and Lorraine for breakfast and then will head to the Coast.

I spent most of the day yesterday painting the engine parts and installing them.  My friend Chip suggested that I use Plastic-kote Cast Finish on the parts as they look most like the OEM parts I was painting.  The parts came out great and I am pleased with the overall look of the engine compartment so far.  I am taking today off to make sure Ruby is road worthy and looking good.  The Wooden cars require a lot of careful cleaning of the wooden body and making sure all the blind nuts are tight before you get on the road.  I have installed some star washers on the problem ones and so far so good.  I check them at every stop just to make sure they are tight.

Jane and I are looking forward to the trip and some relaxation.  I wish all of you a great weekend and I will be back online on Monday.

Stay Tooned!


The Cast Finish from Plastic-kote works great and dries fast.

I installed the pulleys and they lined up perfectly.  Now for the alternator alignment and I will be done with the front of the engine.  I am running a mechanical fan but I have been thinking about the electric version instead.  I know they work better at idle but I don’t like the looks in a hot rod.

I used the Cast Finish on the headers as it is a 500 degree paint.  I prefer the look over the shiny Ceramic coating.  Things are starting to take shape.

The woody has a small storage space behind the third seat for storing your tools and cleaning materials.  Jane purchased the Craftsman bags for me and they come in handy.  The lint roller is for the black top which picks up everything.

Ruby has a very detailed engine compartment and the all black components make cleaning a breeze.  Not the power steering box for the dropped axle which has now been replaced with a MII unit and a power rack and pinion.  This made a big difference in the front end ride and overall handling of the car.

Here is the view from the bluff.  Jane heads down here for a walk on the beach.

Here is an early morning photo from last year.  The fog lifted around noon and the view was breathtaking.

Walt drove his boss’s woody last year which was built by Fat Jack years ago.  The picture of the Woodies was done by my son when he was first out of college.  I gave them away to the silent auction last year.  I have several left if you would like one let me know.

It can be foggy in the early morning when you are along the coast.  The venue is perfect for the Woodies and they serve you a great desert at lunch time.

Today’s Woody….not dreaming!

Thanks Walt for the use of Ruby.  I enjoy being her caretaker.  This photo is prior to the new springs being installed in the rear.

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