Friday’s Feature

I got up bright and early today as the wife and I are headed to San Diego to see some old GM friends we haven’t seen in years. Old friends are great…. they remember how you used to look when you had hair. I am still working hard on the roadster and with any luck should have the motor installed by next week. What a long process this has been. I sure hope it runs good as I need to ride in an open car to revitalize my youth.

Today, I will finish up with the Outriders Picnic cars and a few shots of my “Old Dog”. I am not getting excited yet, but a long time friend has found a 40 delivery for me to go see. More later.

Have a good weekend.

Get up off the couch and out in the garage.

Stay Tooned!



Nice old Deuce sitting under the tree. This looked like the real deal. Hot rods come to the Outriders. Note the temporary sticker.


Here is a fresh 32 that had all the latest. I am not sure who built this car, but it had some SO-CAL stuff and some Brizio stuff attached that are signature items for both shops. The roadster had a great stance and detail.


Guide 682-C headlights, SO-CAL front brakes, pinched frame all indicate a recent build.


Sprint Car rear tire nerfs are not see on many Hiboys. They look good in front of the tires.


Brizio used these on some of his roadsters in the past couple of years. I like them. Radius Rod covers add a Sprint Car look to the overall theme of the build.


The interior was well executed, Auburn dash, 3 pedals, 40 steering wheel and distressed brown leather completed the look.


A very nicely detailed 327 in a Deuce Hiboy. Stock Chevrolet valve covers and paint provide a true period look.



Julian’s very nice Deuce delivery is always worth a second look. Lombardo built this for Harvey Aluminum in the 80’s. Chuck also built himself and Linda a delivery. Paul Beck of Michigan did the conversion. Paul also built one for Barry Lobeck who made it a Hiboy. I believe Barry’s is in the LA area as I saw it at GMT a few years ago.


This is a real rear door right from Henry. Julian is part of the cooking crew at the Picnic. That’s all until next year.

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