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I had to take the wife to LAX for a flight to San Francisco and I just returned. Traffic was moving but it still wasted the afternoon. It never ceases to amaze me at all the cars on the 405 at noon. I used to fly almost everyday and all cities seem to be alike…busy, busy, busy. I guess we Americans have worked ourselves into a work habit that doesn’t allow much time for our hobbies. In my younger years, I would spend time after work and on weekends doing things on my hot rods. The kids took up Saturday mornings with sports, but I normally could put in a few hours and make some progress. As my job responsibilities grew, my free time was limited to a few hours on the holidays and some Sundays. (A good excuse for not getting anything done.)

Fast forward to my current situation that allows me lots of free time to work on my cars and I seem to still struggle with meeting goals and deadlines I establish. I know I am older (but not that old and need a nap in the afternoons) but somehow small tasks seem to take me forever to complete. I will give it a test this weekend as my wife’s left no honey do’s and told me to work on Andre. Now that is a good wife.

My list includes finishing the front end and installing tires and wheels so I can move him to the other side of the garage. I am famous for mocking up my projects and not tightening all the bolts or installing all the required parts. I then spend too much time looking for the parts that I carefully labeled and stored away. I know I have the parts, I just don’t know where they are. I have all weekend to locate them and I know I can.

Have a good weekend and work on your Hot Rod…it’s fun.

Stay Tooned!


Not all Victoria’s are created equal. Don’s is one of the best and very, very understated.

I do like 40 pickups and this local car has all the bells and whistles including a fully dressed flathead.

I still think the 46-8 Ford convertibles are hard to beat for an all around, all purpose hot rod.

You can make the dash look very attractive by painting the stock woodgraining. Note the F100 column.

The desire for a nice stock appearing 40 convertible for Andre’s garage mate still keeps me awake at night.

Dave likes this look on the rear of a 40. The 41 Studebaker tail lights look right at home. Note the notch in the bumper.

Maize yellow looks great on the fat girls body. Stance is what sets this one apart from most other fat girls.

I have never owned a 36 roadster but Jim’s makes you want one. Dennis’s hiboy sedan is also high on my list.

Bob is keeping this one for himself and rightly so. This is one of the nicest little 40 coupes around. Built in Oregon and now residing in LA. I put my name on the air cleaner so he won’t forget me.

Weekend Roadster!

Kevin’s, SO-CAL built hiboy still is the one I return to time and time again. Pete and Kevin collaborated to build a history making roadster.

The top is patterned after the McGee roadster one that was so famous in the 50’s. Gabe built the canvas and made it look good with chopped stock irons and bows. The color is Lombard Blue, a model A color. I will take another one, but with a Chevy.


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