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If you follow this site, then you know that I like Hot Rods without fenders. I have always admired the early look of the 29 – 34 Fords done in a hiboy fashion with big and littles and a perfect stance. This look never went out of style with me and many others. Enthusiast continue to build fenderless Hot Rods and I hope the style continues for many more years. If you decide to add fenders at a later date, make sure you build it correctly and don’t touch the chassis.

I will keep it short for today as my number 1 daughter is coming into town and we are headed to the airport to pick her up. Enjoy the photos and your weekend. We are headed to Santa Barbara for the Woodie Show on Saturday.

We lost another pioneer in our hobby. Art Chrisman will be missed by all who were touched by him over the years. RIP Art!


“Art Chrisman Memorial and Celebration of Life. In answer to many inquiries, the Chrisman Family has set Saturday, August 27th, as the date for Art’s Memorial, at the NHRA Motorsports Museum, Fairplex, Pomona. Time – 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. This is a weekend free of conflict with major racing events, as to permit as many fan and friends possible to attend. Further details will be released in coming days.” (FB)


Stay Tooned!


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The most famous of my early days was the Dick Flint 29 roadster on the front of R&C. Don has restored it to better than new.


The 29 is still a good choice if you aren’t too tall. Keith has this one underway.


Jim restored Pete’s old one and drove it to the LARS this year.


My first Deuce was a 5-window that was in this form when purchased. I stored it away while in the Army and never did finish the project.


My high school days would be correct for this primered 5-window.

Ray Williams 032

I always like this Maroon version from Ohio.


The pre-war look is very popular today with many builders, especially the younger crowd.


This is the one of the most popular looks from the past that has been copied many times. A true classic!


Roy built a modern version, eliminated the wheel wells and channeled the body.


I think this style gathers more looks like most.


The 3-window makes a perfect hiboy in my opinion. I prefer the slight chop (2″) over the heavy chop..


Unchopped coupes look great also.


If you like the RB style then these 3 should satisfy your taste for their perfection in 3-windows.


Deuce sedans look good without fenders to me. Some folks don’t like the tank hanging out, but I don’t mind.


The unchopped look is O.K. by me.


A slight chops is also welcomed by most who love the sedan.


Even a 3 1/2″ chop looks good also. The QC peeking out is a plus for me on these sedans.


Seldom seem the Cabriolet makes a nice hiboy for the wife to enjoy. Roll up windows!


This one has been around for a long time and still looks great.


An early example of the Cabriolet keeps me interested in Cabriolets.


I like both the 3 & 5 model 40 coupes in the hiboy style.


Heavy chop looks good but may be hard to drive on the freeways in LA although I do see them occasionally.


The model 40 is my favorite these days. The large diameter rear wheels are a current trend. Great photo from FB!


The model 40 sedan doesn’t look as good to me without fenders.

NSRA York 16 046

The chopped top looks much better for a Hot Rod.


Hammered 5″ really makes it a mean looking sedan.


My favorite is the 33 roadster like this one. Fun, Fun, and more Fun!


White walls were not the thing in my day but they good on a yellow roadster like this modern classic.


I am partial to this one thanks Terry and Ray for the finished dream of mine.


From across the pond is another favorite of mine.


Now your’e talking!


I do like the Deuce Phaeton as a Hiboy as shown above.


Paul added fenders for a different look and shot at the AMBR trophy. I though he should have won.


I have to concede that a Phaeton needs fenders to look great in a model 40.

Pueblo NSRA 264

My high school buddy has over 200K on his Phaeton with fenders. The Hot Rod just keeps going!

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