Friday’s Fatique

Yes, I am wore out going to car shows and day trips. What I need to do is stay home and work in the garage. Pepe needs nothing so I have been doing nothing and I don’t like it. The wife has plenty for me to do but you know that list is really boring for a garage rat like me. We still have the Throttlers Picnic, Hot Rod Reunion and a couple of more woody meets to attend this year but I need something to keep me busy in the garage. Yesterday, after I returned from the dentist, I decided to start working on some components for my dream roadster. I have a few parts in inventory that I could be working on to keep my mind and skills up to date. I selected the rear ladder bar brackets that I would be using on the rear end housing. I like holes so I preceded to lay out the pattern and drill them. Sounds simple enough but my step drill quits at 5/8″ due to a previous encounter with some stainless steel brackets (stainless is real hard). I was able to drill the holes up to 9/16 and then had to change bits and drill a 5/8 hole with my regular drill. I knew Bob had some larger step drills so I borrowed a 7/8″ from him and finished up the brackets and shock mounts. I found that kept me busy all day. Remember my saying, “a busy mind is a happy one”. I am also looking to make some hairpin teardrps like I have used on my last three hiboys. I normally make these out of flat 3/8 plate and round the edges but this time I think I will make some blisters to cover the rod end completely. Brizio and Moal sell these but I choose to make my own rather than increase my credit card limit. I gave all my steel away so I will head over to Industrial Metal Supply and pick up some material. Here I go again.

My buddy Dave is back at the TRJ Revival in MD and I have several photos of him having a good time. I will wait until Monday to post the event which promises to be a good one. Cruising for a Cure is this weekend and I know several of my friends are attending this wonderful event. As for me, I am staying in the garage to accomplish some more of my roadster projects.

Enjoy yourself by driving your hot rod someplace. If it is cold take the coupe but you die hards can drive your roadsters.

Stay Tooned!


Finding one like this is like finding a needle in a haystack. While it looks a little worn it could be saved with lots of TLC and lots of $$$.

Buying a Deuce is a whole lot easier and less expensive than the above roadster. To most folks this is an easy decision… all new metal and can be had for under $15K. Ryan told me that if you move the seat back there is plenty of room in a Deuce. I need to try one of these with that seat set back under the deck former. You can have one of these in a day or two.

Adding the JHRS bones and a tubular crossmember might be hi-tech to some of you but this is a very nice chassis that works well and is simple in design.

If you prefer the QC then this set up works well and looks right. I am not a fan of the model-A spring but Tom makes them ride good. It is not about the ride when you build this style. Notice the wheel wells. The Winters new axle tubes are not tapered like the Early Fords for the first few inches so you can mount the 3″ brackets.

Alan sure built a winner for his wife when he built this one.

Ryan told me that he likes the SO-CAL chassis and so do I. Everything is available and fits like it should. I need a new Platinum card to get started.

If you like the buggy spring with the 9 inch, the SO-CAL offering is well engineered and works very nice. You can select coil overs if you prefer. This package saves you lots of time and money which means you can be driving down the road quicker.

Kevin used the SO-CAL shop to build his dream roadster and I love it. The whole car is really well thought out and he had a lot of input in the overall style. Lombard Blue looks right to me as well as the McGee top profile.

I built my own chassis on my homemake jig. Lots of work but a labor of love for me. I added the ladder bar x-member to the DF X-member

The Deuce Frame Co. supplied the center x-member which acts like a jig and has perfect welding by Carl. I have used this component for several of my 32’s over the years and found it to be an excellent design.

I know this design is very traditional and that is the way I think about hot rods. The ASC rails worked fine and required very little straightening. I would not drill the holes in the boxing plates again…too much work for the effect. Note the front crossmember is not butt welded to the boxing plates but sits inside the rails. A safety feature an adds strength for those bumps in the roads.

A finished front end on the JHRS roadster looks about as good as it gets in my book.

I am a fan of these teardrop blisters. Note my shoes in the paint job and the 8 in the hairpins.

I make simple ones out of flat plate but would like to try the blister on the next one. (Garage time you know!)

Weekend Wisdom!

Henry built my favorite sedan and believes like I do that all children need a mentor to keep the fire burning. A perfect pair of Deuces for the family man.


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