Friday’s Fatigue

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I have so many photos in iPhoto that my start up disc is full and I needed to move the them to a safe place. I first transferred the entire iPhoto library to My Passport but that didn’t free up any space. I next moved my entire library to the Dropbox (Cloud) and was told it would free up space which it didn’t. I am not a computer Geek but my son is a whiz bang and should be able to solve my dilemma. I have the photos saved (I hope) in several places — now I just need to figure out how to eliminate them on my hard drive. I am learning more than I want to about storage and the Cloud. I guess I relate the above to my first fear of EFI on Pepe. Once you learn the basics, the task becomes easier and your knowledge base increases to the Genius Bar level at the Apple Store. I know most of them by their first name. The EFI works flawlessly but the computer operator doesn’t. This old dog can learn new tricks, so have some faith that I won’t loose all those wonderful photos you send me.

My Model 40 Facebook page is growing in members and the step child of the Deuce is being pushed forward by people who love them as I do. If you have some photos, please feel free to post them on the Model 40 Facebook page. You can request to become a member and I will approve it — or someone will. I noticed that my large photo library contains about 60% Deuce photos which should tell you something about the popularity of the Iconic Hot Rod we all love. I also have about 10% of Model 40’s and 20% 1940 Fords. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. Model 40 hoods, grilles and aprons all command a high price at today’s swap meets. Even the reproduction items are less expensive than the original items. Does it make sense to have only original parts on a modified hot rod? To some it does, to most it doesn’t and to me it is what is the best bang for the buck. For example, I have been searching for a nice 33 hood and found that nice complete hoods with good latch mechanisms bring about $12-1500 bucks. You can purchase a new one from Rootlieb for about a $1000 through my local speed shop. They need a latch mechanism but the 33 system is not a good one anyway and 34 handles are available. The aprons and grille are available from several sources and are less expensive by a large amount. My point is before you step up for the real deal you may want to look at the aftermarket for you build.

I am in the Clouds today!

Stay Tooned!



That beautiful 34 grille is sure a distinctive feature on this well executed 5 window. Making the entire sheet metal fit is tougher than a 40 Ford.


Rodger has himself a very nice 40 standard coupe that carries his signature “99” black paint and straight sheet metal.


I love this view showing the nice rake and smooth lines of the classic 40 Ford coupe.


I have been spending a lot of time in Malibu lately and Andy’s beauty always is hanging around somewhere along PCH. This is one of the best 40 woody survivors in LA.


Topper’s was Deuces and Forties day. Bob-O’s classic coupe and Pepe made the perfect pair for the crowd.


A perfect 1000 point phaeton was always on my bucket list but SBC’s, chopped tops and lowering always seemed to be a deduct at the Early V8 shows.


Vineyard green with taupe leather and wood grained dash make a “Perfect” combination in my book. You do have to move the seat back in these car also to gain the needed leg room.


Jane is a huge fan of the 33 cabriolet and while we have never owned one always stop and look them over when we see them. Basic black and beautiful with a nice stance delivers the perception of a beautiful lady.


She has never been into hiboys but loves to ride in them. A clean little roadster would look real good in my garage.


Some guys just like to have fun and enjoy the trip. The bicycle is for breakdowns are just cruising the parking lot.

Malibu Weekend Cruiser


I have a love of the Ford wagon when done up like this beach cruiser. Alan built one a few years ago and I have like them ever since.

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