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As you know, the 1940 Ford convertible is my favorite rag top of the pre-48 Fords but ranking second is the 46-48 Ford convertible. I have owned several of each over the years and enjoyed them while under my watch. The last year of the solid front axle Fords are really desirable cars for over the road trips and are, in general, less expensive than the older sisters built in 1940. Locating one in good shape is not difficult and parts are readily available in the aftermarket. They ride good as a stocker but tend to float on the highway. If you install the IFS, parallel rear springs and sway bars you will think you are driving a late model automobile. The choice is yours. I mentioned “Age Appropriate” Hot Rods in the past and the 46-48 Convertible is one of them. Roll up windows, power top and a spacious interior are about as comfortable of a hot rod you could build this side of 48th street.

The style is also a personal choice. You can purchase a stocker and drive it or just add a modern driveline and keep up with the traffic. They also make nice customs with a chopped top (stock or Carson style). The chrome of the 46 seems to be the most popular choice and will fit on all models (the 47-48 trim fits below the belt line on the fenders while the 46 mounts above). I personally like the 48 Super Deluxe with the parking lights mounted below the headlights. The small differences between the years are insignificant and changes to suit your taste are easy to accomplish. The only drawback I find with the cars is that they are large and take up a lot of space in the garage. I  can live with that.

I currently have a very nice 48 convertible that I have known about for over 20 years. I sold it to my neighbor about 15 years ago and just recently acquired it back to resale. I wish I could afford it but you can’t have them all. If you are looking for a nice convertible for yourself or your wife this is one you should consider. Her name is “Ms Sunshine” and she is Maize Yellow with tan leather interior. She has about 8500 miles since completed by Walsh Restorations in Danville, CA.

Our local Mall, Simi Town Center, is sponsoring “Drive your Classic Car Day” on Saturday and they should have a great turnout of all types of cars.

Have an exciting weekend and drive your car on Saturday.

Stay Tooned!


Sunshine is basically your 80’s Resto-Rod with a modern driveline and stock appointments. A power top makes it easy to raise and lower the canvas when required.

Fred did a beautiful job of upholstering the stock seats in tan leather with square weave carpet. There is no sag in the seat springs thanks to a complete rebuild of the seat by Fred.

The woodgrained dash has converted gauges to work with the 12 volt system. A radio is installed in the glove box area.

The engine is a 350 hooked to a 350 automatic transmission. A full mandrel bent stainless exhaust system with Edelbrock mufflers provides a nice sound while driving…not to loud but just right.

She looks good with the top up or down and the stance is perfect in my mind. See the Cars For Sale section for more details. The price is $47,500.

A 1946 convertible has different chrome trim on the trunk but the lids are identical except for the holes.

I found this 46 trim for $200 bucks for Lucy. Small dents are easily removed with patience.

I prefer the 46 gauge set with the red numbers. You will pay dearly for these in good shape.

Many of the 46-48 convertibles are painted maroon as it was the most popular color sold in those years on convertibles.

If you love the Fat Jack look then you will like this one. The cars look good in red with a tan top.

Bob-O and I loved this one at the NHRA Museum a few weeks ago. Candy paint with a white Carson Top is Bob-O’s first love.

From out of the past, this heavily Z’d convertible would have been the hit of my town where I grew up. I only recall one convert in town in the late 50’s.

Some Good starters!

An excellent project that is paint ready with a super solid body is available in Atlanta.

I actually considered purchasing this one a few months ago for $10K. Minimal rust and 100 % complete running driving 46 convert that went to Australia.


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