Friday’s Fantasy

It was very hot today so I headed over to Frantic’s to see if he had the parts I needed. The heat was getting the best of everybody… even the kids had a hard time unless they were in the pool. Fred and Dave were busy and Lou was working in the office. Fred didn’t have the parts I needed so I went next door to the parts store and they also came up empty handed. Somedays things just don’t go as planned. I came home and did very little (work) but dream about a 1940 Woody hot rod. I have priced new wood from a couple of sources and the time line would prevent contracting for new wood. I will continue to look for projects with the wood completed or at least roughed in. I found wood prices vary from a low of $12k to a high of $32K. I am sure you get what you pay for but in this economy I can’t imagine there is a big demand for new woody wood. I am in no hurry so I will keep looking. I have been following the 40 woody on epay to see what it brings. It looks like it could be made a good daily driver hot rod. I quit dreaming and finished up by calling C&G and ordering my new wheel cylinders for the 57 wagon rear end. Andre was glad I came to my senses.

The weekend is quiet for me as the daughter is on her way back from Singapore and has a layover at LAX. She has become quite the world traveler in her new position.

Have a great weekend and stay cool.

Stay Tooned!


You don’t often see a chopped tudor sedan but there were at least two of them in Columbus. Here is an example with the drip rails retained. Chrome reverse wheels and whitewalls add to the custom look.

Bob-O would like this heavy chop and smoothed drip rails sedan. Nosed and decked with a hood full of louvers make a big custom statement. It also has a white and maroon roll and pleated interior. Nice!

Not to be outdone by the sedans here is a chopped coupe sporting the custom look. Do you remember the JC Whitney bull nose strips that were dirt cheap?

A young man built this very nice sedan with some of his personal touches. The mustard color really is different and fits the build style very well.

Note all the metal work on the transmission hump and floorboards. This takes talent and creativity. A chopped top should have the stock windshield knobs line up with the windshield frame. This one does.

A very special seat platform with oval-dimpled holes was built to house the seat cushions and accessories. Note under seat floor panel with beading.

The rear spreader bar has been reshaped to match the gas tank reveal. Lots of detail everywhere you look on this sedan. Deuce lights are a nice change from the 37’s that are so popular today. I give this builder an A+ for his efforts and he moves to the head of the class for sedan builders.

This one has been around for some time and I never grow tired of seeing the fully louvered 5 window.

A very sinister looking 33 black on black hiboy was receiving lots of attention in the parking lot. Note the channel and hood treatment.

I am guessing this is a retro fit Deuce sedan delivery judging by the back door overhang. I know of 5 that are under construction currently.  Andre has more room for me to take my afternoon nap.

Today’s Delivery!

I used to run Moon disc on my delivery in the 80’s. Sunshine would have liked the flames but I resisted. Note the gas filler door on the side.

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