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Now that the hot rod season is winding down, I have college and pro football to keep me occupied on the weekends. I love to work on my cars and watch the games. I use that word, “Work,” loosely as most of the time I am relaxing in my favorite chair. I do better in the morning as I am full of energy and ideas which soon deteriorate after lunch when nap time comes around. I must admit I do some great planning during the football games. If the game is boring I may wonder over to the chassis and make a part or two, but an exciting game keeps me glued to the TV screen. It is a man thing you know, although the wife loves football as much as I do. I am wondering if she is going to like a roadster with the wind blowing in her face (I don’t think so). Oh well, I can promise her a new kitchen and do a little bartering. Have you priced a new kitchen lately? A hot rod is cheap compared to redoing your kitchen. I know a lot of you are planning your winter projects so be sure to include some work around the house to keep the wife happy. Don’t go overboard and blow you hot rod budget but some new carpet and paint might be just what she wants. Good luck.

If you follow my blog, you know that I am focused on Deuces, Model 40’s, and Woodies for the most part. I also like the fabrication and technical part of this wonderful hobby of ours. I do get off on tangents once in while but, hey, that’s how I think which is what I write about. I depend on many of you for inspirations, advice and enjoy receiving comments about my ramblings. I sometimes think I am in a rut concerning my passion for hot rods but then what else would occupy my mind as much as they do. My dream would be to have a large machine shop with a frame table and the knowledge that is required to use the assets. I was visiting Frantic’s yesterday and his shop is not large and has only the basic tools, but he can build beautiful hot rods with his talent. He is going to fix the rattling tailpipe on the driver’s side next week probably by using only a pry bar. There may be hope for me yet.

Jane and I are off to the Throttlers show on Sunday and if you see Pepe stop and say hello.

Have a wonderful weekend in your hot rod.

Stay Tooned!


This Deuce sedan was your basic driver with some unusual features. High school primer, red wires and whitewall tires along with some pinstriping  would require a second look by me.

You can now have a poor man’s woody in a sedan by installing a woody style headliner. I have never seen this done in a Deuce but it looks good to me.

The type of car you would expect at the Revival is this chopped 3 window in basic black. Bias tires add the look of this tireless style of hot rod.

The popular 40 coupe was also in vogue at the Revival. Several nice examples were on display for us 40 lovers.

Ken has the CMG coupe in his stable now. The hood is open for an obvious reason.

Ken had his hood open for all to have a peek at the beautiful blown flathead engine. The Columbia controls are visible on the right side of the photo.

I had to show you this 40 with no front bumper and Halibrand wheels..a true hot rod.

The interior added to the overall theme of the car by using black and white upholstery and dash. We use to chrome the glovebox also. Chrome was cheap in 57.

A Deuce pickup can be made to look good as a hiboy as this example clearly shows. Keep it basic, do high quality work, paint it black and you will have a winner every time.

A Moonglow clone was bringing back memories of my hardtop of the 50’s. Why was the car such a success in the 50’s….because it was something different than a Mercury.

Thanks Dave for the photos from the Revival.

I would have to admit that a model 40 sedan is quite attractive done in this style with the Real Rodder’s wheels. The fronts are the spindle mounts that Ryan likes.

Another model 40 that looks classy is this beauty that Don sent me. The slight chop looks good as do the Americans. I wish my garage looked like his.

Wayne is progressing nicely with his model 40 in orange. Note the beautiful QC bringing up the rear. Is that a P&J chassis?

Today’s Tech!

For those of you who passed on a 40 due to bad floors here is how you repair them. A lot of work but worth the effort. You can purchase the short pans from Bradley.

The rear pan can also be replaced and turn out quite nicely as this one did. Steve are you reading this?


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  2. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is essentially a video game where you can do anything you want. SL is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you want to see more you can see these Second Life authors and blogs

  3. Morning Lynn,
    I enjoy the blog, keep goin’. Happy to see you clipped that picture above that I put on the HAMB of my buddy Wayne’s ’32 sedan, good taste.

    A note for Steve above……I just saw “Lucy” for sale on ebay this morning…..not a bad price either.


  4. Hi, Lynn..” mercy its a small world” i had no idea you know the “grille man”.. we have been friends since the late 70’s as well as some members of the roarin 30’s from st. louis..
    i designed his logo years ago… it is soooooo bitch’n to see he finally has the ’27 up on wheels.
    that said.. fyi.. i have an original duvall for a deuce that has never been touched, except for
    some slight file work on the casting flashing..
    i have had it for over 25 years.. thinkin i would use for my roaster build.. but i have decided to
    use a fink frame instead.. soooo the duvall is
    available.. i have a couple of goons who want to
    put it on some rat-rod piece of….. that will never happen.. i would like to see it has a good
    home and be appreciated for what it is..
    you do such nice job with your site, my hat is
    off to you..

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