Friday’s Fantasy

I may not be on the trip to Victoria, but thanks to my friends George and Karen, I am with them through the magic of the smart phone. I have been keeping in touch with them on their trip and have been very pleased with the information I received. It seems a few cars had some minor problems and one had a major problem (blown transmission) but for the most part all the cars ran flawlessly the entire trip. As I write this blog, they are waiting in Port Angeles for the fairy to take them to Victoria. George said it looks like Christmas with all the brightly colored Deuces waiting for the trip to the island. This all seems very exciting to me and I am sure the participants are enjoying their adventure to Canada. The weekend will bring lots of activities for the group and provide them with the opportunity to share travel stories. This is a special time for Deuce lovers.

I am still working on Sunshine as the jet change did not solve the hard starting problem. Donnie suggested that the carb may be need to be rebuilt which leads me to another dilemma. O’Reilly Auto Parts has the Edelbrock 1406 on sale for $280 out the door and repairing the old one at $100 per hour does not add up to me. It seems our local shop estimates about 4 hours to diagnose and repair the old carburetor which is $400 plus parts. Once again, labor costs make fixing anything a second choice over just replacing the item. I feel the same way about rebuilding a motor. You can purchase a crate motor with a 3 – year warranty cheaper than you can rebuild your old one. Transmissions are the same way, you can buy a rebuilt one for less than you can have your old one repaired. When you break down on the road, as the poor roadster owner did above, you have to make a decision to replace or rebuild. Most shops have replacement ones available and you can be on your way much faster than rebuilding your old one. The cost is usually less as the labor cost are less. I have had a break down on my trips and I know it can be costly if you are out in the boondocks. The biggest concern is having your “Baby” towed to the nearest garage where you are at their mercy. I have AAA but not all states have the coverage we have in CA. I carry an NSRA fellow pages with me just in case. I hope the rest of trip is trouble free for all the owners.

Stay Tooned!

Gary is waiting for the Ferry in his First Class ride. If you haven’t seen this one take the time to do so when you have the opportunity.

George and Karen drove their 3 window and are in line for the Ferry also. Those Magnesium Halibrands will need some work when you arrive at the Hotel.

Here is one group on the trip. Not all are Deuces but all are having the time of their life in their Hot Rods.

No top in the NW means a true Roadster driver. Note the bias tires and steel rims. Now that is living large.

This owner is driving his nice 40 wagon on the trip and has plenty of room for his luggage. George and I love the 40 wagon.

Here is the second group lining up for the Ferry ride to Victoria. This is Vic’s, Brizio built, 75th anniversary of Edelbrock Company tribute 5 window. He is using a UP body and Roy’s chassis with a Sid’s interior. I want one.

I just received this photo of a very high end 28 pickup that has become available. The price is $48K if you are interested.

Note the special Deuce style bumpers and flawless bed on the truck.

The interior is real clean and functional. For more details, call 707-447-1203 and ask for Steve.

The model A coupe is one of my friends favorite high school memories. Bob-O is going to get going on his now that his roadster is gone.

Here is another example which is more like Bob-O’s will be. Flatty, QC and Washington Blue will do just fine for a build plan.

Today’s Model 40 Roadster!

I have lost track of this car but the owner was in the Outriders when I last saw the car. I think it has been sold but I don’t know who to. Lucy was jealous of this one.

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