Friday’s Fantasy

I am always amazed at what I receive in my email. I check it often to see what cars are available for me to post. I have some regulars but I also receive some one timers. Some of you will remember the previous logo I used was a 34 hiboy roadster with a 37 Ford grille. I love that car and talked to the builder a few years ago. He sold the car to a person in the LA area and someone forwarded the photos to me today. The car was built back east by a talented builder and has all the best parts. The 37 grille is not for everyone but I like it and it reminds me of Jack Morgan’s red roadster, circa 1948. The model 40 offers the room for taller people and really makes the trip more comfortable. I know they are not that popular as a hiboy but that is why I like them. This one is done right. My ship is still out to sea but maybe someday.

Tim is another contributer to Pewsplace with the forty Fords he builds. He just finished a very nice sedan and sent along some photos of the finished product. He keeps turning out some of the nicest 40 Fords in the country all of which seem to bring big bucks when sold. Tim’s detail is what sells his cars along with the execution of the correct parts for the final interior and engine compartments. Congratulations Tim!

I don’t have anything to report on Andre’s progress as I have working on the new BBQ island and electrical problems. I am thankful for some electrician friends who solved the problem for me. I fixed it today and now I can concentrate on Andre.

Have a great weekend and if you are in Louisville I hope it is cool for you.

Stay Tooned!


You have seen this 34 roadster previously but I just had to run it one more time. The 37 grille is something you either hate or like. I happen to like this look and I saw this car at the Outriders Picnic last year. The car features a Flathead, T-5, Lobeck chassis and Winters QC. Now you’re talking!

The 8BA, H&H flathead sounds really strong and looks even better. Lots of detail in the engine compartment as well as the rest of the car.

A very nice profile with the Bop Top, Artillery wheels and bias tires. I can see my ship but it is still at sea.

Tim is proud of this sedan. He normally builds coupes, woodies, convertibles and sedan deliveries so this was a nice change of pace.

 The large sedan body needs to sit on a good rake and Tim knows the formula for success. I like the black wheels with the black car.

He selected the Briarwood dash color, beige leather and brown square weave carpet to compliment the black exterior which is a very nice combination. I prefer the standard dash set up to the Deluxe.

Here is what I love about a sedan. Look at all the room you have for the wife’s stuff.

Tim has the engine compartment detail down to a science. This should be a real nice driver for the new owner.

For comparison here is another nice sedan that would be a beauty to own. Not quite the room as a 40 but still a very classic ride that has a little more bounce than the 40 does. The 106 inch wheelbase still has the choppy ride compared to the 112 inch 40 Ford. Who cares?

Today’s Fantasy!

Yes, the all around open and closed car is a 1940 Ford convertible with the top down on nice days and the top up in the rain. It never rains in southern California does it?

When the sun is too hot or the sky looks dark you put up the top, roll up the windows and let the wife drive home. Where is my 40 convert I sold in Walnut Creek in 1996?

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