Friday’s Fantasies

We all go through life with dreams and fantasies about certain things or people we like or would like to achieve. These are good thoughts to have as they make you reach for them on a daily basis. I have been fortunate in my life to have seen many of my dreams and fantasies come true. My wife has been by my side the entire time to make sure I never give up. What brings me to this subject is the fact that age can cause complacency and the desire to do nothing but sit on the couch with no inspiration. Sure we see cars we like, events we would like to attend and a million other things we should be doing, but fail to deliver.

Take for example a project that has been sitting in your garage, yard or storage shed for a long period of time and you have lost interest. Maybe it’s your health and that sure becomes a problem when your bed ridden or maybe it’s financial which too can be burdensome. But for most who just give up on life’s progress, it’s a matter of self motivation that keeps the project stalled. Many put their dreams up for sale, others just let them sit and rot away. This is not a good trend I’m seeing from some of my friends. If you have a fantasy about a certain Hot Rod you would like to have, go for it. Do the best you can with what you can afford or have skills to accomplish. You may have to fantasize a little less due to many reasons and that’s O.K., but finish the project. And keep your mind and body active doing the things you love.

The Woodies in the Valley has been canceled due to rain forecast but they still plan to have a Friday night party. The rain will dampen many events this weekend but we seriously need rain in Southern California. I will keep you informed when the next Woodie show is scheduled. Speaking of shows, be sure to register your roadster for the LARS which is being held on Friday and Saturday only this year. Here are the rules:


Vehicle Entry Information

Roadster Pre-Registration

  • Display your roadster and be a part of the Greatest Roadster Show on Earth!
  • Open to all 1936 and older Roadsters and Cabriolets. (No Unfinished Cars Please)
  • The Roadster move In gate will open at 12:00 Noon, on Thursday June 14 and 7:00 AM Friday June 15 and Saturday June 15. No line-ups before 11:00 AM & 6:00 AM.
  • Roadster Pre-Registration of $50.00 includes entry for roadster, driver and one passenger on Thursday, Friday and Saturday! A $200.00 value! Also included with your entry; one collectors mug (limited to the first 300 entries) A BBQ dinner on Picnic Hill for two on Saturday at 5:00 PM and one goody bag. Any additional passengers are $20.00 each per day (cash only onsite)
  • Pre-Registration must arrive in our office by June 1, 2018.
  • This is a good deal folks.

Please support this show and bring your roadster out for everyone to see.

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

People come from all over to the LARS and stop to see our beautiful Pacific.

People even take a short trip of our beautiful PCH and see the Golden Gate Bridge.

Some guys have them stored away waiting their turn. Don’t wait too long. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

Yes, these are work in process and dream machines for me.

My college buddy had help with his 409 project. He keeps busy everyday and finishes them in a timely manner.

Guys with multiple projects often tire of them and sell them off.

Bob’s garage is always full and he also never lets any grass grow (or snow) under his projects.

I followed this one and am amazed at the time and effort it takes to build a car of this quality. Get out and go to work. Reduce your stress by working not dreaming too much.

I have a 5 car garage and it is always full of projects. I have slowed down lately due to some health issues and age but I am still out there everyday.

Lot of people know about this delivery and 34 roadster but have never be able to purchase. I took the cash and let him hold it and he said no!

I hate to show this garage as it is so clean and organized that I’m embarrassed with mine. Mike keeps it in perfect shape.

The shop area is just as clean and neat.

Mike drives his 34 Tub on the roadster outings.


Some cars even sit in shops for several years before they are finished.

 Several projects in this garage like the 39 with Olds, the 52 Curtis and the 65 Mustang K code car.

A barn find 5-window and XKE are looking good. All awaiting their turn.

Save the paint job money, primer is O.K and accepted.

You made you score, spent your money now go to work on your dream.

What a swap meet find honey, I can make some money on this one! Yea, right!!

Fifty grand later it was finished!

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