Friday’s Fall

The cold spell this week has caused me to rethink my attire for the balance of the year. I normally wear shorts everyday but when the temperatures drop below 50 degrees I get cold. I guess I am not a real roadster driver as they seem to wear shorts all year long and that’s with no top or heater. Pepe has a great heater and I used it this morning to take off the chill in the air while on my way to the office.

Fall has arrived and it is time to think about what to do this winter in the garage. Most of the country will be blessed with snow, rain, ice and cold weather which makes it difficult to think about working in the garage. We are blessed with none of the above most of the time so there is no excuse for not working on the hot rod. I don’t have heat when it drops below 50 but I do have some space heaters which help me keep warm. I seem to be o.k. once I get focused on the task at hand and as long as I stay busy. I usually have a couple of hot chocolates during the day to warm up the body. When I lived in MN, I installed a huge gas heater which did the job in below zero weather. Keeping your work space suitable for working comfortable is a must for the dedicated hot rodder.

Since I don’t have any large projects to work on I try to concentrate on small items that I can do in a day or two. I would like to install the new parabolic springs and paint the rear end housing this winter. I know it’s a driver but I like the undercarriage to look fresh and that is an easy job for me. Having the car inoperable for a week is not a big thing in the winter time. If you have something that needs attention now is the time to accomplish the task. In the meantime, keep warm and start your list of items that require your attention.

The California Hot Rod Reunion is coming up next week and it should be a good one. I plan to go on Friday for the day.

Stay Tooned!


Frank is looking for a tudor and ran across this one. The hubcaps are worth the money on this oldie.

Here is another 34 hiboy roadster that has lots going on including the cycle front fenders and painted grille shell.

A more modern day 34 that shows the look of the 80’s when Gibbon first came out with the 34 roadster bodies.

Frank has owned lots of cars but the 5 window had the look I like. Don and he argued over where to park at Toppers.

The 37 woody is a popular year for many woody lovers. The sheetmetal front fitment can be more difficult than a 40.

A nice clean 3 window at Orange County a few years ago.

The black roadster was very nice with lots of little items that I like and bias tires.

Tim has a garage full of forty coupes. He loves the forty coupe.

No need to buy an expensive original seat when you can make one like this.See for more details.

Another perfect 40 coupe waiting for a new owner. Note the lake pipes protruding from under the front fenders.

Friday’s Fall Ride!

Henry has the classic sedan for the fall cruises to the beautiful scenery that is available in October.


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