Friday’s Failure

The life of a Hot Rodder is always challenging. For example, you know I have been working on solving the problem with Poppy stalling and finally traced it to a faulty electric fuel pump. I was excited and decided to finish with the fuel pump mounting bolts and bracket. While under the car, I discovered a tiny leak from the same outlet valve I just replaced with a new fitting and thread sealer. I was not a happy camper but will tackle the problem on a lift not on my back. I have had the pump off and on 5 times now and it still leaks. The pump is going back to Summit for a replacement. You simply can’t have any gas leaks on a Hot Rod as the danger of fire is imminent if not corrected. More later…

I also worked on Pepe’s brake failure and can’t locate the leak. I need to get it up in the air to trace the leak and also see how they filled the master cylinder. The carpet is permanently fastened to the floor and would be difficult to remove without removing lots of interior items. Why do they build cars like this? No shut off valve on this one either and no access hole in the floor board as the floor has been repaired in that area. The fluid will have to be pumped into the master cylinder from below. Long story but I will fix all these problems when I repair them; so when I breakdown on the road it can be fixed easily instead of hours of labor to repair.

Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…No Bad Days…some are just more challenging than others!!

Have a great weekend driving your Hot Rod or Woodie. We will be in Dana Point at Doheny beach for the Woodie show.

Stay Tooned!



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I really do like this version of a Deuce hiboy roadster. Large diameter wires, laid back windshield and set back seat.

Boyd sold me a Nomad like this that I drove for a few years.

Hard to beat this look for a 34 3-window coupe. Dave Lane creation with an SAR body for Poteet.

If you prefer the BRG 34 sedan then you might like this beauty.


If your like me then a hiboy coupe would be nice. Total repo here and a sweet ride.

Lucy was well underway when I brought Pepe home.

Terry purchased the car in this form and finished it in a couple of months.

This is my old 48 convertible I drove in my last year of working for GM. I added the modern driveline.

Bruce has Doyle’s famous coupe that has been restored by the late Bob Bauder.

Moal built this jewel for the Mariani brothers and it is spectacular.

A super rare 33 Woodie with original wood looked good with side curtains.

Gene has all the cool 40’s including this wagon with wooden boat in tow.

I first saw this 46 in Bakersfield and it’s very nice. The color is dark blue not black.

CSR used to own this sedan and sold it to Larry Erickson who added a Brizio chassis for that low-down look. I’m in love with this stock top sedan.

Remember at this age we could buy these clapped out Woodies for a few hundred dollars. We didn’t care about the condition of the wood but some were in great shape.

Long time friend Mickey from Total Performance still looks good as does his tub.

Bob has the nicest 39 woody in the world and could be yours.

He also has a nice 47 Woodie that could also be yours.

HHR does some amazing work in building traditional Hot Rods. Kinmont style brakes look great.

Details on HHR builds are everywhere you look. The Boss is $$$! Note cowl vent with Duvall.

Not just a channel formed X-member. Look closely at holes in boxing plates.

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