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All the hype over Facebook’s IPO has me wondering if I should invest my retirement money in this social network phenomena or purchase a 39 tub. The wife thinks that Facebook will be around longer than we will and I have my doubts. Having said that, I felt the same way about Google and Apple which proves I should listen more to my wife than my intuition. I love the market and the business world in general but have never made any significant money in the buying and selling of stock, bonds or commodities. I have made good money selling automobiles and that is where I intend to stay. I wish I had the skills to venture out more but I am much too conservative for the gambling that takes place on any given day in the market.

I have mentioned the Northwest Deuce show in Victoria, BC in many of my past posts and think it is one of the most beautiful trips you could ever plan if you are a Deuce lover. I would prefer to drive but a flight to Seattle and a short drive would be worthwhile also. I received the artwork for the event and will share it with you today. I hope all of you register to attend this event. Al Clark is the event chairman and a Deuce owner so you know it will be first class.

The only weekend event for Pewsplace is the LA Wood show tomorrow in San Pedro. Who knows there may be some Deuces in the parking lot. There were several last year.

Have a great weekend and record your good times on Facebook along with photos. You don’t want to be left behind by your grandkids who have been posting recently.

Stay Tooned!


The top car is Denny Sissel’s Moal built roadster and the bottom one is Phil’s from Orange County, both are beautiful examples of high end Deuces, outstanding craftsmanship and execution. The gentleman drive their cars on the highway all over the West and beyond.

In order to set your mind right come to the LARS this year and pick out your ride. There are always lots of cars for sale that would be immediate gratification to you. Your wallet will be lighter but your heart will be really happy and that is important at my age.

My friend Frank has a stable of Deuces to choose from for his trip to Vancouver. Frank drives his cars.

Nicknamed the “Mayflower” this historic roadster would be a good second choice but I am not sure purple looks good in Canada. Frank made the top on his car and it came out really nice.

Since it rains often in the NW maybe Frank should drive his coupe. The car was completely finished and after looking at my 3 window he chopped his to satisfy his hot rod heritage.

Tim also has a stable of Deuces to choose from. I think I would drive this 4 door and take the grandkids with me. Note Mustang steering box. I like 4 door Deuces.

I think you could drive this one all day long and be real comfortable. The two less doors and lack of fenders really scream “Hot Rod”.

The current owner of this car lives in the Bay area and invented the Mouse so I know he can make it to Canada by just “clicking on” Vancouver, BC. This is still the one for 3 windows built in recent years.

If the current owner of Joe’s roadster wants to try it out on the street like Joe did he can drive it to Canada for all of us to enjoy. I am not sure where this car is these days. It may be too valuable to drive but Bruce drives his historic rides all over LA.

Today’s Favorite!

If you have one like Cory built please finish it and bring it to Canada.

Tim (4 door above) also has a nice roadster if he chooses to be really cool on the long drive from AZ.


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