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The social network giant has me connected with hundreds of hot rodders around the world. I was not a big fan of sharing my personal information with the world but sharing car photos is another aspect of Facebook that I truly enjoy. Corresponding with people that share the same enthusiasm as I do about hot rods is truly a new source of information for my blog. Despite some strict regulations in many countries, hot rods do exist and are driven on the roads for enjoyment just as we do in the states. I have sold several vehicles to New Zealand, Australia and England over the years and never heard about them until Facebook became a household name. I even meet up with some of them when the come to LA and really enjoy the diversity they add to my knowledge of the hot rod world. If you have not joined take a look at some of the groups and I think you will agree, sharing photos and keeping connected is part of today’s society and why should you be missing what you love. The magazines today are so thin you can only read advertisements so get on board.

On a sad note, we lost another great Deuce guy this past week and my condolences to his family. Bob Kolmos was a long time participant at all the events in the LA area and throughout California. Bob and his wife, Sharon, drove Deuces to most events and always were willing to help organize events. He was the main organizer for the Driven Deuce Display at the GNRS show a few years ago. Bob’s yellow, Boyd built, tub is still one of my favorite cars. He kept it immaculate even though he put thousands of miles on the car each year. Bob will be missed.



Starting with a tudor sedan Thom designed and Boyd built a winner for Bob.

The doors were shortened 3″ to make the proportions look right.


Sharon and Bob both drove Deuce sedans. Li’l John and Fat Jack built the sedan and Boyd built the Tub.


Stay Tooned!




This beautiful 34 Ford sedan delivery showed up in my Model 40 group and was an instant hit with my viewers. Anni from Finland furnished the photo.


My friend John, from Canada, and his buddy back their hot rods out in the snow for a photo opportunity. No long distance trips like the Back Road Boys this time of year.


John is the Paul Gommi of Canada. He has a hoard of rare parts in his stash. His long term 33 Cabriolet looks full of early accessories.


Australia has some great scenery for the hot rodders to enjoy while out on their road trips. They tend to like the early style hot rods which is my love also.


Note the location of the steering wheel on this roadster. Hot rods are alive and well in the “Land Down Under”.


Dave posted his 40 coupe that he purchased from Bob-O along with a nice model 40 roadster.


It was certainly nice to meet up with a fellow enthusiast from New Zealand at this year’s LARS.


It seems I left out Rodger’s 34 roadster when I did my hiboy blog so here is his full fendered version. The Saint Louis guys should be covered in this neighborhood that loves Model 40’s.


I also received a lot of FB photos of Lance’s 33 roadster. He has added fenders for a different look. The top is “Sinister”.


HHR built this roadster for a customer and was a big contender for this year’s AMBR. FB had the best photo I have seen of this car. Crowds kept me from getting a decent photo.


I think my friend Tom used to own this one with the Stanley Wanless windshield. These cars have a new look for the old standard Deuce hiboy. The windshield and top will set you back about $5K.


Long time builder, Larry from Ohio, has joined FB and contributes some photos of some of his owner built cars.


Chris is another talented builder from Ohio. He seems to build Deuces with a nice traditional style that people love. This one has the “Skinny” tire look that is so popular today.

Friday’s Facebook Feature


The un-chopped 34 coupe is just perfect as pictured. Big and littles, red rims and WW’s make it a hot rod in my book.

Work in the Garage


If you wonder why I have a bad back this is the reason — 50 years of playing with hot rods.


I made some more tail light stands for the 37 taillights. Good GM training! Now for a chassis to put them on.

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