Friday’s Fabrication

I spent the day working on fabricating some biscuit style side motor mounts. I have never used this style on any of my builds except for flathead equipped cars. I normally use the Chevrolet side motor mounts used by the majority of builders. I chose to try this style primarily because I have never used them and thought I would give them a try. I do like the looks for old style builds and the ease of mounting the engine. They are also almost failsafe due to the design and mounts used. I had very little to go by but I have lots of photos in my files of the installation plus the Bishop & Tardell  book giving the tubing size. Bob-O had some of the biscuits for me to measure and I also used the Bob Drake catalog for information regarding the different styles used for 32-36 and 37-48 Fords. The difference is the hole size for the metal retainer on the later models. I choose to use the 37-48 style biscuit which requires a 1 1/8″- 1 1/4″ hole in the frame mount. Difference is in vendors.

I know you can purchase these in a kit form but I choose to make them as I am trying to fabricate all the parts on this build. I had the tubing and plate so I spent the day laying out the design on metal, cutting the parts to shape and finally welding them together. I am pleased with the finished product and I need to duplicate for the passenger side which will be identical. Hopefully the second one will go faster.

The Deuce CE X-member is going to work just fine with a little hot rod ingenuity and some modifications for the 700R-4. (passenger side inner C – channel hits the case) I plan to use the Moal firewall mounted brake system which will keep me from filling the master cylinder under the car and provide an easy visible check under the hood. If I can stay focused I will have a rolling chassis by Thanksgiving.

Heading south to Wavecrest on Saturday for the Woody show which is always a wonderful fun filled day for Jane and I. Look me up if you are in town. Look for Curvy (37 black Woody) and we will be close by.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Stay Tooned!



Here is the finished product made from a piece of 2″ x 3″ 3/16″ wall tubing and some 1″ plate wrapped around the open end. I still need to finish grinding the welds but I am pleased with the look. Strong and functional.


Mounted in the chassis on the boxing plate looks traditional and should work excellent.


Here is a SS version of the biscuit style motor mount. Various rubber biscuits or some high energy biscuits are available. Some even cut down Hockey pucks for the cushion.


Here is another style that raises the engine for the flathead installation which is too high for the SBC.


Of course if you have Dave Lane’s talent you build a complete casting looking weldment for George’s delivery.


Here is the finished product showing the engine, frame and steering mount which is bolted into the chassis. Nice work and clever engineering from Fastlane.


Cory made a nice biscuit style frame mounts for Daryl’s roadster. I wish I had one of those Pyer plastic motors. I like the engine mount design.


Here is a homemade mount using a high energy biscuit made by the owner.

32 Ford build pic's NEW 008

Here is the standard from CE and works just fine but I wanted to make my own. Make sure you select the proper biscuit kit for your frame mounts as there are two different sizes. Note the Vega/525 mount hidden under the frame mount.


The Deuce CE X-member looks right at home in the 34 chassis. Some modification required but is the same or longer than the aftermarket tubular designs such as P&J. I decided to make it work.


I made a new transmission mount out of tubing and channel that I had left over from another project. I still need to fabricate the end mounts for the X-member.


Since I received so many comments on Scott’s sedan, I thought I would show you the Champ he installed using ladder bars and coil overs. I love those fat tires from the 70’s.


If you don’t follow the HAMB, then you are missing Keith’s Rex Chassis builds out of Ryan’s garage. He is one talented builder.

Friday’s Roadsters


The California Roadsters headed up the coast to Pismo for the Roadster Roundup and a weekend of fun. Phil and some of the club members made it back for the Outriders Picnic on Sunday. Having fun in your roadster never grows old. Phil has no flames and no top which looks great!!! (black roadster on the far left)

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