Friday’s Export

I spent the last couple of days helping Bob O get his 40 coupe ready to be shipped to Australia. I tagged along as I always try to learn something new each day of my life. I have only sold one car overseas and that was to Jeff Beck in England.  Jeff drove the car from Memphis to Chicago and had it flown to England.  The sale of Bob’s coupe was destined to spend some time on a ship rather than in the plane.  Dave, the new owner, wanted some extra parts included with his car and Bob picked them up prior to loading the car.  Three of us spent about 3 hours on the loading process and everything was looking good for our trip to the exporter on Thursday morning. The traffic was bad and while we were not in any hurry, the slowness ensured a safe trip for the coupe.  We arrived about noon and was surprised by the number of cars and parts that were being exported to Australia and other parts of the world. The exporter, HTX, is a very established and trusted company located in the LA area and has been shipping automobiles for over 17 years.  We were greeted by a very nice employee who helped unload the car and parts.  He was very professional and everything went smoothly.  HTX fully documents the transaction with paperwork and photos and provided Bob with a copy.  The vehicle is stored inside and will be prepped for shipment prior to entering the container.

The process takes about 4 days in Customs and 18 days on the ship before it will arrive in Australia where it will again go through Customs.  Both the shipping and receiving are handled by large brokers to ensure a safe journey. The cost of shipping is around $2000 plus an 8% import duty tax.  Additional fees are also incurred which can add another $1,000 dollars to the overall cost of the transaction.  This additional cost is really like paying the fees at an auction house.  The company had a huge inventory of cars, parts and motorcycles to ship this week.  The owner indicated that many buyers come to the US and purchase 20 – 30 cars at a time and have them shipped back to Australia for customers.

It was a long day but very worthwhile to see how the process works.  I am sad that such a nice 40 coupe left the country but the Aussie’s  seem to have the money to spend on nice cars. As they say” G’day Mate”!

Stay Tooned!


The car and rear end were all loaded on the trailer on Wednesday evening.  Bob O has a long trailer which accommodates lots of stuff.  The rear end was a chore to anchor down as there were no hooks for the tie downs on the rear of the bed.

We pulled into HTX about noon and the unloading process began by signing the documents for the shipper.

Everything went smoothly and Bob O showed the inspector how to open the hood for inspection and photos.

Here is one of the containers that is used for shipping the automobiles on a ship.

The trunk contained all the extra parts and was photographed and documented by an HTX employee.  The car will be wrapped in plastic and sealed prior to being put on the ship.  I hope Dave enjoys his new coupe.

This is the last we saw of the coupe.  I know it is going to a good home far away. Bon Voyage!

Bill has his Mercury completed now and Dave took some photos of the great looking 49 Mercury.  The drip rails have been retained which is rare for chopped Mercurys.

Lots of custom features are present on this very low Mercury.  That is Dave’s roadster sitting next door to the Mercury.

Dan Miller just completed the interior and it is very nice and looks comfortable for the passengers.

Today’s Hiboy Sedan…dreaming!

Here is a high school hot rod from Ohio.  I believe this is Butch ‘s son’s ride.  This will be a match for Bob’s new yellow ride.

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