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I went on Spring Break to Lake Tahoe for a few days and had a wonderful time with my family. Lots of snow and no Hot Rods for a change. Sometimes I need to get away from the hobby and just relax with the grandkids. Snow and Hot Rods don’t get along very well except it may force you to work in your garage with the heater turned on high. Jane and I hadn’t been to Lake Tahoe for several years so it was nice seeing the beauty of this region of California. Some of the best scenery in the country — winter or summer— is at Lake Tahoe. Hot August Nights is a great show to see Hot Rods and have a good time in Reno/Lake Tahoe. GMC was a sponsor for many years and we always enjoyed looking at the cars, seeing the auction and listening to the Beach Boys in concert. Driving your Hot Rod to some of these beautiful venues really brings excitement to the locals who turn out in masses to see the Hot Rods and classic cars that show up. I settled for a nice cup of hot chocolate and watching the grandkids snowboard down the slopes. I no longer ski but always enjoyed the sport when I was still active. I save my energy for beating on old car frames as my hobby — now that I have given up active sports. Working in your garage, can provide the same self-satisfaction as carving out the snow on your way down a black diamond trail. Reaching the bottom of the trail or finishing the one-off part both give you a sense of accomplishment.

I am back to reality now and will continue on with my blogs. My friends are in Del Mar for the Goodguy’s Show which is always a great way to start the season. I have only been once and somehow never managed to make it back down for the show. Perhaps next year will provide me the opportunity to visit the scenic venue located by the Pacific ocean. I am hoping to pick up my door for Pepe which has been in Paint Jail for a month getting the re-do. I love body shops! I think I will take up painting again rather than skiing although both or very expensive hobbies.

Stay Tooned!



Cory seems to be able to make the Hot Rod and snow go together.


I haven’t seen this many Deuce Phaetons in a long time. Bob (Mr. Deuce) has put together one for his driving pleasure. I would love this one in my garage.


Bob did a good job of building a Phaeton hiboy in red oxide.

cars july 2013 022

Steve has been driving his roadster almost every day enjoying the top down experience.


Howard is putting the rush on finishing his Deuce tudor with a serious chassis.


The QC is required for the Ardun equipped flatty and for ascetics. Nice work Howard!


The flatty should wow the crowds at the shows.


I am a big fan of this look on a Deuce hiboy. The windshield just does it for me. I am not sure about the driving part but the look is acceptable.


A little different approach to the dash layout which is nice.


Tim built a very nice 46 Ford delivery in the 90’s and was my favorite 46-48 sedan deliveries.


I flew to Portland to try and purchase but couldn’t make the deal so I bought another one and built it.


Tim installed a healthy SBC and had not problem keeping up with the traffic.


I started with a real nice flower truck from Altadena, CA.— who I called Sunshine. I drove it stock with a dropped axle for several years.


On the rebuild, I added all NOS fenders from Don Thelan and a set of real American 5-spokes copying Tim’s delivery.


The header was done like a Woody and looked great.


The end result was a cool delivery now owned by the HRG.


The stance was due to the MII I installed for an improved ride.


 I love the Maize Yellow stock color of the 48 Ford and I called this one Sunshine also.


Tom Walsh built this one for his long time customer Bob and I sold it to my neighbor.


He put a new top, square weave and leather interior for a plush look.


SO-CAL built this beauty several years ago for a Porsche salesman and Ryan selected the Lombard Blue Model-A color — which I still love today.

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  1. You are so good posting on FB that I forget to check out Pews Place. This weekend is the famous GSTA (Gopher State Timing Assn.) show # 60. I started going there in high school and that show greatly influenced my life long hobby. Today I managed to get 2 of 4 oil changes done as Spring is bound to arrive eventually.

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