Friday’s Engines and Hot Rods

I spent the day remounting Andre’s body on the fresh chassis. It seems that when my wife lined up the drift pin in the front body hole she was on bolt hole off. I didn’t realize this until I tried to fit the doors and they were way off from the previous trial. The 40 Ford chassis has one hole left open prior to the firewall which is probably for another body style. I will finish up today and have it rolling around by Saturday afternoon. I have a very interested party coming back for the second time and he wanted to see it down on the ground. I am of bolting on the fenders and hood also as it will look more like Pepe and maybe help sell the car. Most people who have looked at the car liked Pepe but couldn’t visualize what Andre would look like with all the sheet metal installed. Now they will have a complete rolling car to inspect. I also purchased the tires which should help the overall stance. Selling a project car is a lot more difficult than in the past which I attribute to the high labor cost of having work done in today’s economy. I am optimistic someone will want to take Andre to the next level.

Easter weekend around Pewsplace will be quiet and time for family and friends.

Have a great holiday and I will see you on Monday.

Stay Tooned!


Syd is not old enough for hunting the eggs but we will hide them anyway. My wife hid them until our children were in HS. We had to fill the eggs with money to make them find them.

A Hot Rod Homecoming would not be complete without some photos of the beautiful engines that were in the cars. After all, building a Hot Rod in my youth was all about the engine compartment and horsepower available. The same is true today. We like to go fast and look good. This 40 has been this clean for many years and was always on my list of top coupes. Tom drove his roadster back for the GNRS and Bill brought this one to the 65th HRH.

Chevrolet dominates the engine compartments of most Hot Rods. Here is a late model example of a clean installation.

Stack injection is gaining in popularity and this fully dressed example looked very clean. Paint and detail looks better today than a completely chromed engine. They are also much easier to keep clean.

Now this was impressive as was the car. Detail like this takes a lot of thought to make it look good. Paint and powdercoating can cost more than chrome is some cases.

On the top end of the scale was this Indy motor in a TA Mustang built by Pure Vision here in Simi Valley. Steve won the design award at SEMA this year. Note there is no manifold as the fuel is pushed directly into the heads.

Here is the photo of the car which is a stunning example of the street touring cars that are coming out of Pure Vision’s shop. Steve is a young man with a bright future.

Many old guys like me, think of the Deuce as the Mustang of our era. SBC’s ruled the drag strip and B/G was way up there in my book. Remember F/G?

Not all feature cars were perfect but they were Hot Rods by anyone’s standard. These two were great to look at and you could ask all the questions you wanted.

Outside there were lots of old Hot Rods on display. My love of the model 40 roadster required me to spend some time looking at this one. I don’t know where these guys find the cars but they keep showing up. Would you leave it alone or finish it to today’s standards? I know of three like this that are not for sale.

Here is another one with lots of different parts installed. I think the engine is a Cadillac or Lincoln. Note headlights and brakes. John F you will know all of the parts including the windscreen which is bolted on.

I have the article on this car that I cut out of Hot Rod many years ago. This is the first 3 window I really liked and I searched for one and finally purchased it in 1966. I built a hot flatty for the car and drove it for several years.

This is the engine that started it all. Randy has installed the new Edelbrock 94’s on his cool 39 coupe.

Pepe would like Randy’s cute little 39 with fender flames and a cool flatty powering the hoodless coupe.

Chevrolet’s big block fits well in the later model cars. I liked the clean OEM look this builder took with his restoration Hot Rod Chevy.

My Easter Weekend Ride!

I can’t seem to loose the love of the 34 roadster so I will take this one to haul Syd to the park for the Easter Egg hunt.

Happy Easter from Pewsplace

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  2. Just wanted to thank you, Lynn for your kind
    words on my ’32 photo #8. Interesting note:
    the 32, 33, & 35 were all in Trend Book #102
    I really enjoy your site.
    Thanks again,

  3. Happy Easter to you and family Lynn.
    34 roadster: leave as is……JUST DRIVE IT!
    Thanks Lynn, I really enjoy “Pew’s Place”

  4. Just to let you know the new owner of my 40 wagon has a target date of May 2014 for completion. He is spending in all the right places and should hit the target. I love watching people spend $$ on a worthy project like this! Happy Easter to the family. Regards Bill.

  5. I enjoy your postings every week. I’m driving a nailhead-powered deuce roadster out here. Best wishes for Easter.

  6. “A very Happy and Blessed Easter” to you and your family Lynn! Best regards, Dale

  7. The ’33 roadster in picture #9 is actually for sale on EFV8 club website. The 34 roadster below it is powered by a Caddy flathead- the owner “El Guapo” lives up here (Central Coast Calif)and also has a Model A Roadster Bonneville car with a blown Caddy flathead. I think he holds 3 records with it.

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