Friday’s Engine

I am not an engine builder but I am a graduate engineer so I really like getting into the inner workings of the SBC. My first job with GM was working on piston scuffing on our GMC 478 diesel engines. I loved the analysis, testing and actual dyno results of the engine. I have only built two motors in my lifetime and now I am doing number 3, a 327 that my friend Chip gave me. My first thought was to just do the valves and put it back together but I have too much of an inquisitive mind to do that. I spent yesterday disassembling the engine down to the bare block. I took careful notes and photos of the process in order to show Ron any problems I noted. The engine was real clean and only showed signs of some debris on a couple of the rod journals. I did measure the bores and journals but only with my simple micrometers. They checked out good but Ron will do them correctly with a dial bore gauge and let me know if everything checks out and what needs to be done.

I am replacing the solid lifter Comp Cam 282-S with a new hydraulic version. I have had several suggestions and will pass them along to you. The 327 engine is my favorite and here are a few of the cams that have provided good performance, a good idle, good fuel economy (20mpg) and good torque in the 1500 rpm to 6500 range.

  • Crane 266 H10
  • Engle EP-18
  • Sig Erson TQ20
  • Edelbrock EL 7102

I suggest you replace the springs, pushrods and cam bearings when installing a new cam. If you want to receive the most benefit of the performance cam do the complete job as it is relatively inexpensive. I can’t imagine any older hot rodder not wanting a little drive in lope to his hot rod. I don’t mean pulling out the choke but a real honest to goodness healthy sounding motor.

The weekend brings some fun events and I hope you take time to enjoy them. The Santa Ana’s are blowing hard but hopefully will not keep the roadster boys home.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Stay Tooned!


Sometimes a project takes longer than anticipated but the end result is worth it. A strong flat motor makes this one fun to drive. Good job Roger.

Roger kept the interior clean and functional. I really like the banjo wheel. Ruby had the same one.

Frank sent in a photo of him and the late Norm Grabowski sitting in the Mayflower. Norm’s truck is in the background. He was a true hot rodder and had many talents that he shared with all of us. He will be missed.

Bob has been working on a 36 three window and has just finished the Cordoba Tan paint job. I think this will be a winner with the red wheels and a hot rod chassis. More later.

The 40 truck in a lighter version of green really stands out and looks classy sitting in the grass. I wish I fit in one.

I think everyone knows about the Drake/Carpenter/Ford reproduction 40 coupe but this is a nice photo of one in process.

HHR built the first one for the SRM tour and chopped the top 1″ to make you look twice. The car will be at SEMA this year.

The forged steel crank looks good with no visible scoring or groves. Here are the first two rod journals. Chip took good care of his baby after rebuilding it in 1973.

The cylinders all looked good but have been bored out .040. I hope all they need is honing. Mr. Bob suggested that I add a pair of Edelbrock 999 aluminum heads and pick up about 30 hp. They are not much more than having the old 461 heads rebuilt. I could have the double hump machined into the head and paint them orange. Now that is a good idea.

Today’s Roadster!

Now this is one of the best model 40’s built in the last few years. Lowrey’s in NH built this one and it has the look so many try to capture. Someday!


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