Friday’s EFI Education

I learned the problem with Pepe not starting was not the battery but rather an injector discharging too much fuel into the cylinder and causing the engine to hydraulic.This action is due to the cylinder being full of a liquid (water) or gas which cannot be compressed. I was able to start the engine but at the expense of the hydraulic action forcing the explosive action in the combustion chamber and blowing out water and oil through the tailpipe and spark plug. It may have bent a rod or even damaged the cylinder wall/block. I had no warning this was going to happen but upon talking to people who own early Corvettes with fuel injections, quickly learned this can happen. I haven’t torn the engine down but suspect the hydraulic action blew the head gasket, caused the water leaking into the cylinder and exiting out the exhaust valve. Inglese told me this can happen when the injector goes bad. I thought the ECM would prevent this occurrence but I guess not. I’m still in the investigative mode, but if the above is true, I will remove the EFI as the damage to the engine is major  when this occurs.

The system works flawlessly and I really loved the engine but I would have not been a happy camper if that happened on our road trip last week. I have a fresh 327 on the stand but hate to give up the current engine without further research. As I always tell you, Hot Rods always require some patience when problems show up. I am a patient man. Tearing the engine down is a major task but not difficult. I will do the easy part but hire Donnie to do the headwork and diagnosis of what damage actually was caused by the hydraulic action.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Stay Tooned!



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Ray certainly is getting a lot of ink on his 33 roadster and rightly so.


One of the challenges for Lucy was piecing together the Champ. Lots of time to locate parts for these old Halibrands.


I had to cut the rear floor for the crossmember but this time I am going to make one like this. The gas tank will be modified as I did in Ray’s roadster.


I love the look of the Winters QC with 40 axle tubes.


How about a tudor Tub!


And I think I have troubles!


Maybe a 40 coupe would be nice for a change.


Fall Five-Windows are sure attractive.


When Roy builds you a Hot Rod he knows what he is doing.


I would like to try this in a 40 Ford as I like the look.


If the EFI is going to cause problems then I have the solution.


My buddy had one of these in high school but wouldn’t chop it and he still had a looker.


Dave and I were butchers and cut them up with no money left for paint!


I have a soft spot for the 56 Ford BBW truck.


He was at the coffee shop, so I snapped a couple of photos. My shop truck!


Rich thinks someone needs to finish this project. It will be a beautiful roadster. And the hard work is done.

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