Friday’s DuVall Windshields

Since the LARS is only a week away, I thought I would talk about the various windshield designs used on the roadsters. Names like DuVall, Hallock, SO-CAL. Wanlass, Fink and of course, Ford, comes to mind when looking at roadster windshields. I have always liked the DuVall windshield the best of all of the above choices. The unit and design, often referred to as a boat windshield, has been used on every Ford model roadster up to 1937 and I have even seen them used on 40 tudor tubs over the years. Several people have reproduced them including Cam Grant, Spencer, Speedway and Wescott to name a few. The best quality I’ve seen came from Grant Engineering and now sold through Speedway. The Deuce was the most popular vehicle of choice with the Doane Spencer car dominating the history books. The model 40 and 36 Fords also look very classy with this laid back windshield.

The swept back windshield allows the air to flow smoother over the top than the vertical stock Deuce set-up. In the early days, they used to lay the windshield post back to help reduce the wind barrier and they gave the roadsters the Hot Rod look. The DuVall is a heavy cast bronze unit that should be reinforced to keep the cowl from buckling under the weight or pulled from the thin cowl under high wind pressure. The center divider gives the roadster a “Speedster” look which I truly like. You don’t see many of these today. They are not nearly as popular as they were in the 80’s. The cowl usually requires some extensive modifications like removing the reveal  and some shaping of the cowl or windshield to obtain the right fit. Some of the early models had elephant style ears that protruded outward at the top of the post. Later designs improved the look to match the body lines. Whatever style you choose, make sure you have the post securely fastened to the body sub-structure or the unit has been known to come off while going down the road.

The weekend brings the Early Times 50th Anniversary Picnic on Sunday. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend due to some family commitments. This is always a good show prior to the LARS.

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Doane’s Deuce was one of the early builds using a DuVall style windshield.


My friend Tom’s roadster has had the DuVall windshield installed since the late 80’s. He made the top out of round tubing and Sid covered it in the Tan Hartz cloth.


Phil had his top and windshield installed by Terry who also assembled the body.


Morris had Steve Davis build his top on the “Double Nickel” now owned by Bruce Meyers.


The 80’s look smoothie really fit the DuVall style windshield perfectly. Boyd loved this look.


They also look good on the resto-rod as shown above.


I really think they look good on the 36 roadsters like this patina beauty.


Roy installed one on a 35 phaeton that added a stylish touch to the normally tall top.


Jim Hendricks, metal man extraordinary, built this beauty a few years ago and was one of the best in my mind.


Steve Moal is known for his dual cowl vents when installing a DuVall windshield in his customers builds.


Chucky removed the reveal on his Deuce and installed the windshield on his current roadster. Looks closely and you can see his excellent metal work on the reveal. No bondo required.


Here is the casting as received and will require considerable work to fit and make it chrome ready.

Friday’s DuVall Roadster


I think the 33 looks the best with the DuVall windshield and that is what I will be installing on my next one. The grille, hood louvers and windshield all work together to complete the look. Thank You!

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