Friday’s Dreaming

I was talking to a friend of mine this week and we were bench racing about what would be our optimum choice if we could have two hot rods. Basically, during my life time I have always maintained an open car and a closed car. This combination provides a hot rod for all occasions. In the beginning, I only owned and built Deuces. The early days did not afford me a real roadster so I used the Wescott body as did many other hot rodders. You could select a coupe, sedan or woody for your closed car and they were not hard to come by. Woodies were inexpensive and available in the 60’s and 70’s but Deuces have always been overpriced. When I relocated to California in the early 80’s, I became infatuated with forty Fords and Woody wagons. My whole family loved the cars I owned and we enjoyed them over the years. Now in my retirement years, I still love the open car but prefer the two and four door convertibles with roll up windows. I still love the Deuce but the sedan is the only model I feel comfortable riding in. Living in LA provides me the luxary of having great weather most of the time so an open car is my first choice as long as I can roll up the windows.

If you are limited by garage space, then the ideal choice for our discussion is a driver and a builder (still an open and closed car selection). I know many of you are like me and enjoy the building process as much as driving them. Project cars today require a lot of patience and financial commitment to complete. Most of us build one, sell it and start another one. The problem is the cost of goods and services continue to rise with labor rates exceeding $100 per hour. If that doesn’t bother you, then building a hot rod is one of the best mind satisfying tasks you can do. I am still loving the construction process and searching for the right parts and will continue to do so until I can no longer function in the garage. My discussion with an 82 year old hot rodder who is still building them in his garage is my inspiration for this month.

Have a great weekend and stay warm and dry. Rainy weather is excellent for dreaming.

Stay Tooned!


Bob-O has several cars but his 40 coupe and Deuce roadster give him the choices he needs when going to the shows or Bob’s.

His little roadster is perfect for sunny days and cruises to the donut shop or “Office”.

Frank has a fleet of cars but his five window coupe fits the bill for the Suede Palace and the GNRS.

Frank is retired now and loves his latest open ride with roll up windows. The 39 is priceless.

Bill likes maroon stock forties and this convert is in his stable of cars.

When he needs the closed car this is his maroon 40 coupe which is perfect and one of the best.

Brian likes projects and this 40 coupe is his mind pleaser. A Buick nailhead fills the engine compartment. He builds really nice rides.

Brian is also a roadster boy and this is his black hiboy with a q/c and perfect stance.

My high school buddy Dave has only one closed car and this is it. A perfect patina farm truck in the form of a Deuce.

Dave’s Deuce hiboy roadster wins all the gold at shows. He likes open cars and owns several other than this Deuce.

Today’s Threesome for Pewsplace!

Tim has built them all but this is his first woody build. Where’s mine?

Jim has also built many forties and this was his convert a few years ago. Literally pieced together from a desert derelict car to the show stopper you see here. He is a master at putting together 40 Fords.

Henry puts together some nice rides in his shop in Ohio. This tudor is his latest. I want one.

If you like hot rod looking Deuces then this one is hard to beat.He sure got the profile right on this build… See

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