Friday’s Dream

My wife calls me a dreamer but she also compliments me when my dreams come true. I thought it would be nice to select Fridays as a dream day to visit some car shops and do some “Day Dreaming”.

Canepa Design always has the best hot rods for sale and the highest priced so today let’s take a look at some of his offerings. I saw his 5 window at the Petersen and it was really first class. I know there are lots of people who can afford these $300K cars and I am not sure what they do with them but I presume they drive them like you and I do. The internet has made shopping easy worldwide but for now I will keep it in the US.

On another subject, I have finally finished Andre’s chassis and will be taking it to Ajax on Monday for powder coating. I can’t wait to start putting it back together with all of his new parts. I plan to have the body work done while I am assembling the chassis. I will have more room when the body is away in bodywork jail. I am having fun in my old age doing what I love…building Hot Rods!

I will heading to Huntington Beach on Saturday for the Cruiser show provided it doesn’t rain. The wife loves main street and the shops.

Stay Tooned!


Canepa Design Friday Shopping!

I saw this at the Petersen  and this is a first class 5 window with no money spared in the construction. Bob-O would like the heavy chop.

A very clean and functional interior compliments the subtle Washington Blue outside.

Here is the roadster Roy found for his customer. This was a local car that changed hands at the LARS a few years ago.

Here is the finished product now in Canepa’s showroom. I would add this to the above coupe to have a nice pair of drivers for under $500K. Pro built cars cost big bucks to build and to purchase second hand.

Roy has promoted the Ford engine for Ford Motorsports and I agree they belong in a Ford like this one. I worked for GM for 40 years so I am still a very loyal to the SBC.

Tim has finished another 40 for a customer. This is his first sedan and it came out great. He has the stance dialed in on forties. Black wheels are an RPO (regular production option) on a black forty.

I love the rear of sedans for their simplicity and elegance. The windows looked like they are green tinted.

The standard dash is Briarwood Brown and goes well with the black exterior. The car is at the upholstery shop and when it returns I will post some final photos.

I found this perfect 39 in Northern California near my old town of Danville. I believe this Bob’s car and it is on our shopping day list.

I like 39’s with the top down and a slight rake. This Ford has a SBC for power and has been done for a long time.

Gabe has one of his 39’s for sale and I know Bob-O has this one on his shopping list. You seldom see these cars with the top down.

Maybe I should have left Andre alone and I would have been driving it by now.

Today’s Favorite!

Our last stop today is taking a look at the famous “Orange Crate” which could be ours for $150K. It was a fun day for me. How about you?

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