Friday’s Dream

Sometimes I become focused on cars that really catch my eye and I don’t know why. I have been looking at the 37 – 40 woodies in my photo album and I came across several under construction woodies that really show how difficult the assembly process is when installing the wood. If you purchase the doors and top headers already assembled you still need to fit everything together which is a real task. The wood just doesn’t bolt together with the appropriate brackets. Each item must be fitted to work properly in the final assembly. I talked to Gary about his 37 and how long it took to make everything fit and he shed some light on the process. I won’t live long enough to put together a woody. As usual, the best way to buy a woody is purchase a complete running car and make it yours.

I did work on the delivery again today and tacked all the rear axle brackets in place which allows me to install the rear end and place the chassis on 4 wheels. I am going to run the whitewall tires like the early days but I need to obtain some 7 inch rear wheels for the rear. Maybe I can order a pair from Wheelsmith and have them in a week or so. I am eager to put the body back on the chassis to see how it sits with the new tires and wheels. I am thinking body color wheels so I need to decide on a color soon.

Craigslist is my downfall as I seem to locate cars that look like a good opportunity and require me to go look at them. I have lots of readers who are more than happy to inspect them for me but I like the journey as does my wife.

Have a good weekend and take the wife out to dinner.

Stay Tooned!


Curvy started my curiosity about 37 – 40 woodies. She is really modified  and sits very, very low to the ground.

Here is another tudor 37 with 40 style wood going together in Northern CA. You start with a good cowl and build the rest. Finding all the floor pan and brackets can be frustrating when building a one-off woody.

If I could locate one this far along I would be way ahead of the game. Notice the fitment of the sheet metal on the 37 project. The 37 grille grows on me each time I see one. This appears to be an after market stainless unit.

This one looks like a fairly complete project but the wood replacement runs over $50K and 18 months waiting time on these cars.

Here is a better start on an unfinished woody project. This is stock wood.

Gary started with a bunch of parts in the back of his pickup and after 7 years ended up with the wonderful 37 woody. He does it all himself in his garage.

Here is another 40 Woody project at SO-CAL Speed Shop. They made a new floor to replace the rusty one that came in the car. The new 40 pans would have saved a lot of work. This is where I got my jig idea.

The firewall has been filled to clean up the many holes that often are drilled for accessories.

Some people think the 39 is the best of the early woodies. Sandy’s is one of the best in the LA area. I like the simple wood sides.

Tim finished this beautiful 40 Woody for one of his customers. The CMG color looks good with the wood. He had not installed the bumpers in this photo. The rear fenders on these cars are priceless. $$$

Mr. Bickel builds a woody every couple of years and always wins the shows. Air ride is obvious on his latest ride.

Todays Find!

I am going up to look at this one. Sits perfect in my mind and the radial tires will make sure it rides good.

This is a poor man’s woody. A sedan with a dropped axle and white wall tires make a super daily driver. All original paint and upholstery with a fresh air tag hanging from the rear view mirror. Remember those? I like this one a lot.


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