Friday’s Double Feature

As promised today we will look at two very nice cars I saw at the Roadster Show. The first is Chuckie’s 32 he has been building for a while. I use to sponsor California Street Rods during my days with GM and became good friends with Chuckie. We always talked about building hiboys. He built a beautiful Regency Red car that now resides in the Bay Area and is still a great ride. This one one will be even better.

The second roadster is my new favorite one, built by SO-CAL Speed Shop, for Ken Washburn from the Bay Area. Ken was nice enough to walk me through the build and show me all the tricks he incorporated in the car. Needless to say, my day was complete on Sunday when I ran into Ken. Thanks Ken. This car won the street roadster class at this year’s AMBRS.

This Sunday is 40 Ford Day at LaPalma Park which is an event I have attended for the past 30 years, sometimes in a 40 Ford. Pictures on Monday.

Have a look at two very nice roadsters.

Stay Tooned!

Get off the couch and out in the garage.



Front shot showing nice stance and smooth lines with the Duvall Winshield blending in nicely.


I talked to Chuckie yesterday and the tailights are 37 Ford with special dimpled housings. Nice touch.


Here you can see the craftsmanship of the interior. Firewall mounted drilled pedals, sleek steering column and the famous Nardi wheel he used on his first roadster.


Rear interior showing Halibrand, 40 axle tubes, and P&J ladder bars. Note the frame has been C’d in the back to lower the stance.


Real knock off wheels from PS Engineering running Bridgestone radial tires


Nice 4 piece hood with latches. This car mixes the old with new very nicely. Steve Sanford did a drawing that shows the finished product in Jet black with a red interior. Striking!


Chuckie has always like the Duvall and I agree with his choice. Lots of work to remove bead from Cowl before mounting. These things are heavy.


Note front 5 inch Magnum dropped tube axle. This blends better with the design than an I-beam axle.

I can hardly wait to see the finished product.

Double Feature


Ken’s Lombard Blue hiboy built by SO-CAL in Pomona. This car has an “Old time” look with modern day running gear. Ken said “the car rides like a new Lincoln”. He sells Porshes in the area


Rear profile showing wonderful stance and the best top ever.


Interior door panel done by Gabes in a beautiful dark camel leather that looks right for the era.


Glide seat that adjusts to fit Ken’s 6 foot plus figure into a comfortable position. You just have to see this interior in person to appreciate the beauty. Note center and door arm rest. The car is built to drive.


I love the 6 panel SO-CAL dash in a Deuce. Right on! Large wheel makes entry tough.


Ken likes the top and he said people always comment on the look. He used stock irons and bows and cut them to get the perfect top. IMHO.


Yes, a Ford in a Ford. The motor has been given all the goodies and is now 331 inches. Power is transmitted through a Richmond 4 speed, connected to Ford nine inch with a 3.25 ratio. Perfect at 70 mph.


Proud man standing behind his machine. Congratulations on a job well done.



More roadsters next week. The roadster show has lots of cars to view.

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