Friday’s Deuces

I know it is supposed to be tech day, but the body is still not healed from my surgery. I have some real nice pictures sent to me by people who attended the NW Deuce Day in Victoria, BC. Have a look.

Stay Tooned!



Cam Grants new hiboy. Note detail of wheels, hood, scoops, etc. Color is different


Super Rare 32 Cabriolet. This is the real deal and done very nice. Tacoma wheels add the right touch.


Roger Bell’s old phaeton from the 70’s. This was one of my favorite cars. I saw this and purchased one for myself.


Very nice setting for the Deuce Day. More than 450 Deuces were registered.


I need one of these frot seal plates. This one is a one off


Same QC from Bruce’s Rod Shop in TX. Super workmanship

Sneak Peek


Ebay Phaeton today….$120,000…front tires too big!

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