Friday’s Deuce’s

Bob O was talking at the “Office” today about taking off his side pipes on the roadster and replacing them with ram horns.  He is also going to add the stock side panels for a completely different look. The problem with the side pipes is they draw your attention away from the beautiful lines of the Deuce roadster.  They also get really hot and cause some burns to the lookers who don’t know to stay away from side pipes with their shorts on…legs burn easy.  I have always preferred hood sides on a roadster but I can understand the hot rod look of the open engine compartment and lots of bling like the old days.  I could never afford all the chrome goodies, so I settled for the white firewall with decals and lots of gold painted items.  I also ran the plastic colored wire looms in the engine bay to add some more bling without the cost.  I couldn’t find a photo of my early engine bay but I am sure you get the picture.  Oh, I did spring for a chrome generator cover from J.C. Whitney…Now your talking.  I am back to the no bling engine compartments today and really like looking at all the variations people do to their engines.

I used to hate the Labor Day Weekend as it meant I had to go back to school and the summer fun was over.  Remember your first day back in class… say when you were a junior in high school. Your mom had purchased you some new Levis that you made her wash before you would wear them and you had a special new shirt that expressed your coolness.  Yes, those were the days.  I was also always interested in the new cars that showed up in the parking lot.  In our school, the cool guys parked back by the dumpster so we could “burn one” at lunch time and not get caught. I just wish I could go back to those days when things and life were much simpler.  We are in dire straights in the US and we all need to remember the good times and look forward to more of them ahead in the years to come.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend….you earned it.

Stay Tooned!

Bob O’s 327 has all the bling and side pipes for the noise if required.  Note vent tube on the rear of engine.

Ruby is a tank sitting next to the Deuce roadster.  I could haul more cheerleaders after the game than Bob O could.

The side pipes draw you eye to them immediately when looking at the hiboy.  This is not a bad thing but I think he will like the new look of the side hood panels.

This is the look I prefer on the hiboy roadsters.  Subtle like the washed Levis you wore on your first day back to school.

Black cars like black tires and louvered hood sides.  This is a three piece hood that looks good to me.

Side panels on this primered hiboy sure fit the overall design characteristics of the well executed MI roadster.  Maybe he does the Woodward Cruise.

Dearborn Village was the place for the 75th anniversary of the Deuce.  I couldn’t see any louvers on this hood side. Henry would be proud they are still around and more popular than ever.

Eric can punch you some side louvers like he did for Kevin’s beauty.  I still like this one better than most.

A hiboy has to have a killer stance like this one to be really cool.  Big and littles do the trick along with the wire wheels.

Today’s Deuce…..dreaming!

Barry started the smooth hood sides on his first maroon hiboy roadster in the 70’s.  Here is his last version with no hood sides and wire wheels.  A good design last forever and is often a statement of one’s personality.  He left his mark that will go down in history like some of the giants before him.  We miss you Barry.


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