Friday’s Deuce Tubs

I need a little R&R for the old body so I will make it short today. I haven’t spent much time in the garage this week or at the keyboard. I enjoy seeing the videos and photos of the “Road Warriors” doing what they do best, drive, eat , drink and sleep. Now that is a good life. The Smart phones bring real time to the world of Hot Rodder’s who can’t make the trip. I give all of you a big “Thank You”. I hope all of you are in good health and can enjoy the season where good times a good friends breed long term relationships.

Have a wonderful Weekend driving your Hot Rod!

Stay Tooned!



The boys stopped by the Hot Rod Garage and sent along this photo of Jim’s Deuce Tub. He has made some improvements since I last featured the car, one being the new 3 – piece hood and the Tulsa Timing Association logo. This should be a fun tub to chase parts and cruise the back roads.


One of the first Tub hiboys to be built with the Wescott body was this one by Tom of SRM fame. He built two more that were full fendered as I recall. The orange roadster in the front of Tom is Roy Fjiastad’s creation using a V6 engine and work by Boyd.


Tom had some wild ideas for his Tubs. I believe this was a FG tudor Vicky to start with.




The last one I remember was this Carson (sort of) top brown one that he drove all across the country. His color schemes were unusual to say the least.

shop stuff 029

My friend Gary also built a very stylish Tub that was a hit on the West Coast in the 80’s when Tubs were in. He still has the car after trading it for a hiboy.


If you prefer fenders then this oldie would suit your needs for a daily driver in the 60’s. It must be the photo as the windshield looks really small.


Another hiboy with the Stanley Wanlass windshield is a recent rendition of a once popular hot rod.


Here is another look at a recent build using a chopped windshield and bias tires.


I attempted to build a copy of the Kolmos Tub but by the time Boyd got done with the chassis I changed to a roadster as I was only $50K away from having Boyd finish it.


I also started another one while living in MN and had Jim at MetalFab build me a chassis as I was working 80 hours a week back in the 80’s. He built this one for a customer in TX.


I finally acquired a running and driving Tub from Steve who was into 40’s at that time. We enjoyed this car in the 90’s except on the freeways it was a wind tunnel.

Friday’s Tub 


Paul built the cream of the crop Deuce hiboys using the real deal with every accessory ever offered attached to body.


Paul added fenders and took another shot at the AMBR title but fell short. I would have voted for it as the fenders made it perfect.

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