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Thanks for all the birthday wishes from all over the world. I really appreciate the comments and the fact you do appreciate what I contribute to this great hobby of ours. While age is just a number, it also has its affect on our ability to do some things, like lay a perfect bead with less than perfect eye sight. George told me that is why they make grinders. My father said, “If you need a grinder you are not a welder —  you are a grinder.” He could still weld very nicely in his 80’s. I hope to continue working on my projects and dreaming of more as I enter the next phase of my life. I know I will continue to tackle new projects and help others with theirs. Being needed is important and keeping the body and mind in motion is the key for me. Activity will always make me feel better about myself and helps me with maintaing my self esteem. I thought since I have outlined my past with my cars I would share some photos I have from others who have shared their timeline with Pewsplace.

Styles have changed over the years but many still drive their 70’s-90’s built Hot Rods and love the look. I don’t know many who still have their early builds but some do and I admire them for their ability to hold on to ’em. I have always had to sell something to buy something else which is another good way to stay in the hobby with a new ride as trends change. We seem to being going back to the old days with some of our builds and I like that as long as they are well built and use some updated safety items like brakes and steering. A true old restored Hot Rod is and should be kept the way it was — brakes and all. I am a big fan of people who can accomplish this and still drive them on the street. Today’s freeways and roads make it a tough and sometimes dangerous endeavor, but I admire those that do. The GNRS coming up next weekend will have something for everyone, new and old and I will be there to capture the best of both. How about you?

We are still having fun in the West in our Hot Rods and the East is preparing for a big storm, so catch a plane and come to LA.

No Bay Days!


Stay Tooned!



Gary from Cornhuskers has built his share of Deuce sedans like this one shown here pulling the Midwest Deuces raffle Gibbon roadster body. This was at the MN NSRA meet in 1975.

Vanilla Sedan 1983

He also built this Vanilla sedan in 1983 with the then popular Zenith wire wheels. I saved for a long time to purchase my set.


Gary built this one years ago and it has been ungraded by Scott to one of the nicest around the LA streets.


Terry from Stoker’s Hot Rod Parts has built a lot of cars also. He built this nice sedan hiboy a few years back and bought it back.


Terry also had this nice mor-door at his shop which was just perfect in my mind.


Terry did a lot of work on this old Deuce sedan that was owned by my friend Ron in the 80’s and was yellow.


Yes, the 80’s were full of resto-rods sedans that everyone loved who had a family to haul.


Old sedans like this “Patina” one have become popular again. The high cost of paint and upholstery should not keep you from building a Hot Rod!


On the other hand, if you have deep pockets you can have Roy freshen up your old ride like this beauty above.


Old School sedans will always grab my attention. The five-spokes make it even better.


If you like the mor-door “Patina” look then how about a nice sedan with fenders.


You can spend some more money and finish the mor-door with some nice paint and wheels.


If you have an unlimited budget than call Steve Moal and have you a show winner mor-door built from your old build. You need to see this one.


This one showed up a few years ago from back in the Midwest and I fell in love. I think it is still in the LA area.


Famed GM/Ford designer Larry Erickson built him a nice sedan using a cherry old body from CSR and a Brizio chassis. The dog in the back seat really likes to ride along.

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