Friday’s Coffee and Cars

Coffee and Cars seem to be very popular today. Our local Coffee and Kix is the first Saturday of each month and is held in a private home a few miles from me. Don has been doing this event for several years and always has a good turn out. Surprisingly, the neighbors don’t complain and this is a very high end area. Each month he features a different theme and has representative samples park in his driveway. This month is Hot Rods and Street Rods which leads me to believe there is a difference between the two. I always refer to the cars as Hot Rods because to me, there isn’t any difference—just a case of semantics.

Most of these events take place on a Saturday morning at various locations around the LA area. Most are held every Saturday while others are limited to once a month. Coffee is the main drink of choice and of course, Donuts, Bagels and a host of other high sugar content products. I stick with the fruit cups and bananas that are available but slip in a donut when no one is looking. I am grateful to have such a variety of places to go within a few miles of my house. I like these events as they start early and end by 9:00 am or so. You have the rest of the day to do your chores and work in the garage. I am unchaperoned this weekend so I will probably head over to Frantic’s for lunch and some more parts.

I visited him today to pick up some bungs for the bones I am building. He has a nice inventory of parts from all of his years in business and memory that knows where the parts are located. It may take him awhile, but he always comes up with them. I noticed a new car in his shop, a nice 1940 Ford sedan delivery. I had to have a closer look and talk with the owner who was also in the shop. He purchased this car from a widow who just wanted it gone as her husbands love of the car was too much for her to keep it around. Fred has it apart to install a MII front suspension and make it a driver. I will follow this build and show you the photos. I finally left and drove home only to be stopped by a huge fire on the 118. I think the season has started and with no rain in the forecast we are in trouble this summer.

I missed the lifetime subscription that Rodder’s Journal offered for $200. The email went to my daughter and by the time I found out about it on the HAMB — they were SOLD OUT! Steve raised a quick $100K (500 subscriptions) in just a few hours.  A great marketing idea from a talented team at The Rodder’s Journal.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Stay Tooned!



I am using the SS tie rod end and some adapters I had made up years ago. They were a little small for the bones so I headed over to Fred’s to see what he had.


These adapters worked perfect and use the same 11/16 tie rods as my SS ones.


I had forgotten about the 2″ axle width of the 34 bones as they will not fit over the SO-CAL or CE axle which has a 2 1/4 axle boss. I may try to locate a Deuce axle at the LARS. $$$


One of my favorite roadsters that SO-CAL built was this Lombard Blue hiboy for Kevin Washburn. The car has the perfect profile in my mind. The top, rear tire wheel well fitment, small gas tank body gap, etc. He is well over 6′ and fits in the car just fine. He drives it down to the show from the Bay Area.


Of course, there will be some really old time hot rods in attendance and they always attract a crowd of both young and old enthusiast.


I receive this photo from Dennis know that I like 46-48 Ford convertibles. He has owned it for 38 years and built it over a period of 8 years using all NOS parts except the body which was rust free. SBC, 3 speed and 9″ rear make it a good driver. Nice car!


There will be some coupes at the LARS this year in a special display. This one looks nice with the QC and Artillery wheels with skinny tires. I love the color.


You will see many beautiful Deuce roadsters like this one on display at the 51st LARS in June.


The 5-window has become very popular in recent years and with the UPI unit being built by several shops you are bound to see several on the various shop tours.


If you are looking for some ideas for your Bomber seats there will be several examples to add to your choices at the  LARS.

Friday’s Feature


I hope the snow has melted in WI so they can head to LA for the big show.

New to the For Sale Section


Another great 40 built by Bob Close of Clear Lake.


Bedford Built 40 coupe — one of his best builds and fresh.

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