Friday’s Celebration

Labor Day is a celebration of the economic and social contributions that American workers have made to our country. Oregon was the first state to declare the holiday in 1887 and today all states celebrate the day with parades and parties. I will also ad that many hot rodder’s attend car shows over the holiday weekend. Here in our area the Ventura Nationals is taking place and I plan to go for at least one day. I hope all of you take the weekend off and celebrate all of your hard work over the years by resting and having a good time doing what you like most, including driving or working on your hot rod.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend and drive safely as I need you back on Tuesday.

Stay Tooned!


There were lots of 4-door Deuces in P-Town. Chuck drives this beauty everywhere. A NOS Corvette FI motor was installed complete with generator.

If you prefer fenders then this mor-door would suit you needs. Lyon hubcaps were the rage of the day.

A very traditional hot rod was also in attendance and was featured in Rodders Journal a few years ago.

I like convertibles and have accepted the shoebox models with great enthusiasm. I would have worked three jobs for this one in high school.

Orville builds some of the best and they call him Mr. OEM. I looked at this Folkstone gray one for a long time.

A very unique 37 was parked under the trees and sported and early look top.

Pat’s Deuce will go in the history books as one of the best and in my mind he fulfilled his dream by completing his roadster.

A 37 woody makes a very nice hot rod. This one was sitting in the Woody section and was very nice. Woodies need to be low in the front to help reduce the bulk.

If you like the try-five Chevrolets then you would love this convertible. Growing up in the Midwest convertibles were not that popular but I always preferred them to the hardtops.

I still love the lonely 40 sedan and they are one of the best rides you can build. Stance is all you need to be cool.

Today’s Coupe!

Pete has a stable of cars but this 34 is still the one for me. I love the Hot Rod look with all the louvers and Tommy the Greek striping.

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