Friday’s Celebration and Thoughts

My wife and I celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary today. We decided to visit the beautiful Huntington Library which contains magnificent Botanical gardens, a world renown art collection and a relatively new Chinese fragrance garden and home. The site is located in San Marino, CA about an hour from our home. The plan was to tour the facility, inspect a Deuce roadster for sale (can you imagine that)! and have a nice dinner to recognize the occasion. The tour was outstanding and took much longer to complete than anticipated but we still managed to accomplish our original plans. The day was special for us and means next year will be the 50th and time for a big celebration. It is wonderful to have a wife who understands the need to look at a Deuce whenever possible.

The Deuce roadster body turned out to be a Wescott replica from the 80’s which has been in storage for many years. The fellow had replaced the body with a Brookville when they came out several years ago and thought he would just hang on to the old one in case he wanted to build a racer. I know steel is the only way to go today, especially since a new Wescott body is almost as much as a steel one, but the old Wescott bodies were really well built and hold up forever if taken care of. Repairs, if required, are easy and inexpensive. Once painted and upholstered they look great. Yes, you will be faced with the — Is it glass question, but the car will provide years of service and do the same thing a steel one will. If you could purchase a glass body for a good price would you consider it? They are for sale all over the place for a very reasonable price.  Remember, prior to the steel reproduction bodies, the glass body was accepted by most people wanting a Deuce roadster. I am not in the market for one, but if I were, I would purchase and inexpensive Wescott without concern. All of our Roadster Boys cars are glass and they seem to have a ball driving them and enjoying the comments from spectators. I have never thought the material the car was made of had anything to do with having fun. The car doesn’t care as long as the driver is enjoying the moment.

Labor Day is fast approaching and the Summer Shows are winding down but there are still plenty of good times to be had by driving your hot rod. What are you waiting for?….Snow!

Stay Tooned!



SO-CAL just finished this beauty and it is all reproduction. Can you tell if it’s glass by just looking? What difference does it make? Enjoy what you want and can afford without worry of its heritage.


Most 34’s you see are glass and they sure look like fun to me.


Lobeck used a lot of Wescott bodies for his builds and they were all show stoppers and “Great 8 Winners”.


A new owner felt he needed to add Lobeck to his license plate to provide authenticity. This is a tribute to Barry’s reputation and capabilities.


Roy helped Ray build the R&C cover car a few years ago and it is still going strong. Gibbon built the body (Facade) to cover the hot rod chassis.


Dennis owns a Top 75 pick and this car is known world wide for its beauty. Gibbon made the body many years ago and must have a million miles on it.


This owner used a Lobeck chassis, Wescott body with a steel SAR louvered deck lid and enjoyed his journey from the East Coast this year to the LARS.


Our Roadster Boys cars are glass and are truly roadworthy and very well maintained. I drove YaYa as my roadster. The only steel car in the bunch.


I didn’t ask these Roadster owners what their car was made out of but rather, I told them how nice they were and complimented them on having fun while driving down the coast.


My Deuce phaeton, built by Steve, won all kinds of awards in the 80’s. The entire car is fiberglass (Wescott) and it is still going strong today. Remember luggage racks?


These guys didn’t have a choice and bodies were hard to come by in their day also…or is this a glass car made to look old?


This car has the same look but not the heritage. I ask you —  what does it matter? To some, they wouldn’t own it and would rather hunt for the real deal and do without. Life it short, I am in the third quarter praying for overtime, so the decision is easy for me. Go For It!

Weekend Deuce Roadster Project!


I had this same project in my garage in 1978 trying to duplicate Barry’s car. Wescott was the only game in town for a high quality body. Many of these projects are still dormant in garages across the country.

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