Friday’s Candy Stores

I know most of you remember your trip to the candy store where your mom let you pick out some goodies you wanted. If she was like my mother, she watched the amount of sugar intake and limited my selection. I always wanted the pure chocolate and ended up with her guiding me in a different direction. Dave, Bob-O and I visited two of our favorite candy stores yesterday to wet our appetite for Hot Rods (our candy). It seemed Dave needed some parts for his Deuce sedan and wanted us to tag along. This didn’t take a lot of arm twisting to get us to adventure out to a couple of our favorite Hot Rod shops. Our first stop was the Kennedy Boys who always are graceful hosts and take time to show us around and do lunch. Jason and Joe are very busy with numerous projects for customers as well as some of their own. If you like Deuces, then this is the place to see how they bring them back to life after many years of neglect. You won’t see any MII or IRS but you will see banjo rear ends and dropped axles with early Ford or Lincoln brakes. They build period cars with some modern concessions but not many. The shop was immaculate as we walked around looking at the cars and parts. Dave was able to purchase the parts he needed and then we went to lunch. Thanks Jason and Joe for taking time out to show us around.

After lunch, we headed over to Walden’s Speed Shop to see what he was working on. His facility is close by which enabled us to stop on the way home. None of us had ever been to the shop so we were careful to stand outside the doors and peer in at all the amazing bare metal cars in progress. Bobby came out and invited us to come in and take a closer look. He specializes in Deuces and had several chopped Brookville 3 windows and a recently completed SEMA show special 5 window for UPI’s booth. His work is some of the finest I have seen. The chops are perfect inside and out and metal finished to perfection. We also watched his worker build one of his Jitney/Walden chassis in a special jig he has fabricated. The frames are very unique and feature some different items for the Deuce chassis. In addition to the various projects he also had a 34 three window and a RPU that was just back from the SEMA show. We wore out are welcome and finally headed home dreaming about how much candy we had consumed during the day and would our wife’s be mad (only if we purchased some). Thanks to Bobby and his team for showing us around. We will be back when we require some more candy.

Have a good time this weekend driving your Hot Rod. It is 84 degrees as I write this blog.  “Living the dream!”

Stay Tooned!


We all fell in love with this taildragger they just completed. The Appletons, skirts, Cadillac hubcaps and SBC make this a fun driver for the owner. I could never get up enough courage to drill through the W/S posts so I used the dummies from JC Whitney.

A full resto-rod 3 window was in for some work and caught me eye. A bad picture due to the sun but you get my drift.

A gennie 3 window was being worked over including a mild 2 inch chops and a new floor. The metalwork by Jason is flawless and his welding skills really show in bare metal projects.

We have watched Jason bring this 3 window back from a channeled early style coupe to stock height hiboy with a Cadillac engine and Olds rear end. Remember those? Waldon built the chassis and Jason finished the suspension and final design. The car will remain un-chopped for now.

This cherry 36 is waiting her turn in the shop for some of the Kennedy Boy’s magic. These looks sooooo good chopped.

A very, very nice model-A roadster hiboy was in for some work and the motor was very correct for the build. All work on this one was first class.

We were able to look at this up close and realize how special this rare RPU really is. Note the windscreen.

Walden builds pure Hot Rod Candy cars. Here is his special coupe which features a heavy chop and suicide front suspension on the Jitney/Walden chassis. You need to see these bodies close up to realize the perfection that goes into each body and chassis. My ship is still on the horizon for one of these beauties.

Even Walt had to stop and take a look at the chassis work. He does own a very period correct Deuce hiboy with a Flatty, QC and dropped axle.

We all drooled over this UPI just finished 5 window coupe. The chop is 3 1/2 inches and the body comes with a filled roof as an option. I predict you will see more of these in the future than the 3 windows. I would just clear coat it and be done with the build. You could save the $40K they charge for painting a hiboy.

Cory has put his black beauty to sleep during the cold MI winters. I love the look of this sinister hiboy. Nice photo Cory/Ashley!

I am not sure who sent me this but I like the two nice sedans shown (Henry’s on the left and Henderson’s on the right). I have had too much sugar for today

For Sale

Bill has a very nice 40 standard coupe for sale that is as nice underneath as it is on top. The dropped axle really brings the front down where is belongs on a 40 coupe.

The rear view is also very attractive with the famous Chevron taillights and pencil tips exhaust.

The Briarwood dash with stock appointments and correct heater make this one special for cruising PCH on a cool winter day.

Now this one has the dressed flathead engine to make everyone have a second look. Looks like an electronic ignition has been added along with a 12 volt upgrade.

Contact Carey’s Cars at 909-496-1932 for more information. The asking price is $40K.

The Weekend Cruising Delivery!

We have had some of the best weather all year in the last few days and it is the middle of November.

And if it’s real nice….

Concept by Burns and I fell in love the moment I opened the photo. This will be my dream roadster for a while. I love the all black theme and wire wheels. This is one of Henry’s finest designs and my wife has always liked the fenders and running boards. What do you think?

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