Friday’s “California Dreaming”

My mouse pad has a photo of Dennis Varni’s AMBR 29 hiboy that I picked up at the Oakland Museum several years ago. While writing my blog, I often let my mind approach the dreaming state and think of driving a roadster across the country as several of my friends have done. One of the best long distance events for roadster lover’s is the Los Angeles Roadster show. Fortunately for me, I only live a short distance from the event but I envy those of you who are planning on driving across country with your buddies in a roadster. The sight of the various state marker signs and the final big sign that states “Welcome to California” will put a big smile on your sun burned face. If you have not made this trip, maybe you should think of coming to the show this year.

I have friends who arrive early and visit all the places of interest and hot rod shops. I normally provide them with an itinerary for the week far in advance so they know what they will be doing. The LAR club members  go out of their way to make sure everyone has a good time. The growth of the show over the years makes it impossible to see in one day. I would recommend you bring good walking shoes as you will need them. The show attracts 700-800 roadsters plus a huge swap meet and specialty parking area for over 2000 cars. I don’t own a roadster but after attending the show each year my dream process starts all over again. The reality of owning an “Age Appropriate” roadster like a 40 convertible starts to come into play but the sight of all the Deuce roadsters still keeps me dreaming of my youth with a nice little Deuce roadster.

Yes, “California Dreaming” is still alive in roadster owners minds all over the World. How about you?

Stay Tooned!


My friends Tom and Gary drove this one to Indy a few years ago. Now they come to LA from the Bay area.

Lobeck, Coonan, Bauder and now Bruce all have driven the wheels off this famous roadster from Ohio. Barry had his own style and was a leader not a follower.

Full fendered roadsters are found everywhere on the premises. This Nor-Cal beauty is a regular attendee.

Jeff had Moal build him a one=off 29 track roadster which he enjoys driving to the show each year.

Age Appropriate roadsters are a great way to come across the country to the show. Checking in at the Sheraton is a place to see all the cross country drivers. Paul Atkins drives out each year to show off his upholstery talents.

Bare metal roadsters are available for you to view and get some ideas. Chucky will answer you questions or build you one.

Roy will always have his booth filled with every high end roadster you could ever want to see. This 35 tub  goes across the country with ease.

You may find your dream in the preferred parking area or swap meet. This is the real deal hiboy.

If you grow tired of looking at roadsters (Is that possible?) then you can visit some vendor booths and look at Deuce coupes.

“California Dreaming” for the Weekend!

Where do we start looking? Roadsters are everywhere you look. Come on out and do a little “California Dreaming”.

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  1. As a passionate woodie wagon owner I have made it to Wavecrest three times. The GNRS is on my Bucket List. As far as the car scene goes you guys got it all out there! Time is a thief! Regards Bill

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