Friday’s Bunny

This Sunday is a big day for my grandchildren. The Pew tradition is to hide the hollow eggs with goodies inside for them to enjoy. We used to hide them all over the house and in the yard with little clues where the “Best Eggs” would be hidden. I think we did this clear up until high school. I know Izzy and Sydney will have some surprises for them this year in carrying on the tradition. I know the religious households also recognize Good Friday, Passover and Easter Sunday and I hope all of you enjoy this special time with your family and friends.



Happy Easter



From the Garage

I have been busy in the garage working on the 34 chassis and the new frame fixture. I discovered that building a frame fixture requires some thinking to make sure the positioning of the uprights and cross tubes result in a perfectly square and proper layout per the diagram. I have not welded anything permanently, just tacked for now. I should be ready to start installing the boxing plates next week. My plan is to box the entire frame in the fixture so nothing will move. I lack the knowledge to know how much shrinkage will occur so I didn’t allow any in the fixture. I know from welding in the past the rear spreader bar would always have to been forced in place so I know some places are going to change.


I did this in high school and I am doing it again on this project. Taking one of these old boat anchors apart is very time consuming. One perch pin came out easy but the second one is still in there. Of course, when I went to light up the torch I was out of oxygen — so I added some more penetrating oil and will try again tomorrow after I fill my tanks.


I like this set up I found on the HAMB and thought I would give it a try since my theme is an early build style.


Cory reinstated the trend of using the tie rod ends for the wishbone ends. He sells a nice tapered adapter to use with the 34 bones and others.


I clamped the axle to my frame fixture and added some more solvent. Sometimes you ruin the perches but I hope to save these as they are really nice.


Here is a photo of the Ionia X member for a 34 Ford. I like the unit and plan to replace the CE Deuce one with this style.

Classy Chassis

I love chassis fabrication and the various traditional styles people build today. The current professionalism in chassis construction sets the bar real high. I will feature a couple for you to admire and maybe pickup some ideas for your build.


I thought this Orange beauty would quality for a nicely built Deuce chassis. Note the X member with dimpled holes. The QC uses coil-overs rather than the A spring. I think they have become the standard for many builders due to the ease of installation and adjustability.

photo 1

Rich had the Roadster shop build his chassis using a full Kugel set up. He selected the LS3 for motivation and a manual transmission.

photo 2

The IRS looks right at home in the Dearborn Deuce. He has driven this car up and down the coast without any problems.

 Hot Rods

As you know if you have been following my blog, I love the fenderless Hot Rods of the past, present and future. In order to keep my sanity I need to see some of these everyday to “Keep the Flame Burning”.


Our local Donut shop (Office) always has some traditional cars in attendance. Ron has several and finally painted this one.


My partner in crime, Bob-O, has a fleet of nice cars. This was his latest roadster he drove the wheels off of.


Electrician Bob also loves roadsters and finished up Warren’s old roadster to drive and have fun. Warren now has it back.


I am a big fan of this set up. The detail on this roadster is second to none thanks to Warrens skills.


I worked on this one for a couple of years and have a lot of fun putting the profile together but never finished it.


Terry put his magic touch on the profile and made a winner in my mind.


John picked up this nice coupe and went racing at Bonneville with Roy.


I do like customs of the 50’s and 60’s as that is what I drove back then. If you have one you would like featured send it to me.

Ford Script tires 6.00-16_zpstfuhg8j2

The Mercury has the look with the tail dragging, Appeltons and dull primer. I played guitar in those days while in college.


Mandy’s 51 Mercury was the best custom in our area by far. He would come to town, cruise through the Steak & Shake on Main, all the girls would wave and ask for a ride.


You can’t build a nice hot rod without some cool parts. I love the quick change and am always looking for a deal so I can afford one for my new project.


This one is on ebay and won’t be inexpensive. It is in pristine condition and should bring top dollar…Culver City!


Traditional parts such as the side steering from an F1 0r F1oo and the dropped axle are a must have on your early ride. We have an excellent shop for dropping axles in Northern CA called Anson Dropped Axles located in Georgetown, CA. They have a web site if you need one dropped. Some folks don’t like the holes and they are not required, but he offers the service.


I am not attending events this weekend except Newbury Park on Saturday night.

Stay Tooned,


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